Are you an individual member joining for the first time? A couple or family joining for the first time? A renewing member or family? See the appropriate section below.

I'm new and just want to join...

Follow these steps:
1.In the upper left, check "NEW MEMBERSHIP".
2.Determine your membership type. Select ONE of the following (2a, 2b, OR 2c). 
2a.If you are a member of the SCA, ECS, or RMS, you may join as an associate member. Associate members must attach proof of their membership in one of these three organizations. If so, check "ASSOCIATE MEMBER". NOTE: Associate members may not use additional family members.
2b.If you wish to purchase a lifetime membership, check "LIFETIME PARTICIPATING MEMBER".
2c.The most common membership for a single member is "PARTICIPATING MEMBER".
Also, participating members may take a single $5 discount if they are active military, a full time student, or a senior citizen. Proof must be attached to the membership form in order to take this discount.
3.If you are 18 years of age or more, fill out the waiver section in the upper left. Otherwise, have your parent or guardian fill it out. The person filling it out should print their legal name at the top and sign and date below the waiver. If a parent or guardian is filling it out, use the "Signature of Parent or Legal Designated Guardian (if applicant is a minor):" signature line.
4.Fill out your contact information at the bottom.
4a."Mundane Name" is your legal name recognized by the ordinary, mundane world.
4b."Persona Name" is the name you wished to be called within Adria. You may leave this blank and select one after you have played a while.
4c.If you know the Chapter that you are joining, you may fill it in after "Subdivision Request", otherwise, leave this blank.
5.Determine the cost of your membership. This is based on the selection you made in section 2.
An associate membership (2a) is $15 and is good through March 31st.
A lifetime membership is $300 (2b).
A participating membership may be prorated based on the month that you join as follows:
MonthCostGood Through
April, May, or June$30next March 31st
July$27next March 31st
August$24next March 31st
September$21next March 31st
October$18next March 31st
November$15next March 31st
December$12next March 31st
January$39the March 31st after next March 31st
February$36the March 31st after next March 31st
March$33the March 31st after next March 31st
If you have shown that you are active military, a full time student, or a senior citizen, you may reduce this amount by $5.
6.Mail your membership for and check or money order to the address shown on the lower-middle right of the form or turn them in to a local Steward. 

My family and I are new and just want to join...

Each person must be on a separte membership form. One member of the family must be chosen as the primary member. In a couple, either is fine, but in a larger family, it must be one of the parents so that the other family members are their dependants per the IRS. If you write them off on your taxes, they may be a member of your family, but not the other way around.
The primary member should follow the procedure above, selecting either 2b (lifetime membership) or 2c (participating member).
NOTE: Associate members may not use additional family members.
All other family members follow steps similar to the above, but check the "ADDITIONAL FAMILY GROUP MEMBER" box instead of the 2b or 2c. On each faimily members' form, print the name of the primary member where it says "Name:". Family memberships may also be prorated based on the month joined. The months and expirations are the same as shown above, but for the amounts, see the rates on the right.
It is allowable to have more than one lifetime member in a family, but each must pay the $300 fee. In this case, the additional lifetime member fills the form out as above, also checking "LIFETIME PARTICIPATING MEMBER", and pays the same amount.

Renewing Members

Renewing members, both individual and family, follow similar steps as those above, but check "RENEWAL" in the top left box. If you know your membership ID (it can be found on the website under Membership Info and then under your Chapter), please fill it in. In family memberships, write the primary member's ID above his/her name in the "ADDITIONAL FAMILY GROUP MEMBER" section.
Renewing members are not rewarded for renewing late and do not get to prorate their memberships. There is no penalty for renewing early.

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