What follows is a list of books that are considered very good for documenting food, recipes, dinig practices, etc.

The Medieval Kitchen

(14th - 15th c manuscript recipes)
Recipes from France and Italy
Odile Redon, Francoise Sabban and Silvano Serventi
The University Chicago Press, 1998

Fast and Feast

(History - no Recipes)
Bridget Ann Henisch
The Pennyslvania State University Press 1976
ISBN 0-271-00424-X (paper)

Pleyn Delit

(12th- 15th c recipes)
Medieval Cookery for Modern Cooks
Brenda Hieatt and Sharon butler
Second edition
University of Toronto Press,1976
ISBN 0-8020-7632-7 (paper)

Take a Thousand Eggs or More

A Collection of 15th c Recipes
Vol I and II
Cindy Renfrow

Curye on Inglish: English Culinary Manuscripts of the Fourteenth Century (Including the Forme of Cury)

Constance B. Hieatt and Sharon Butler
For the Early English Text society by
Oxford University Press, 1985

Dining With Shakespeare

Madge Lorwin
ISBN 0-689-10731-5 (out of print) 

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