These are the current forms approved for use in the Adrian Empire. Some are offered in PDF format only (in most cases, they are legal contracts and may not be altered). Whenever possible, Excel formats have been offered to make it easier for the ministers who need to use them.

Qualification tests are open book. We want you to read the manuals.


  Archery Qualifications Test and Answer Key TestKey


  Marshals Qualification TestKey
  Missile Weapons TestKey
  Shinai TestKey
  Rapier TestKey
  Synthetic TestKey
  Cut & Thrust TestKey
  Armored TestKey
Combat Qualification Card and Instructions PDF
Weapon Play Test Request PDF

ROBE (arts & sciences)

Judging & Scoring Sheet PDF
Documentation Summary Sheet PDF Word
Participation Thanks Form PDF
Non-Judged Project Request Form PDF
Masterwork/Masterpiece Project Form PDF


Archery Steps to Knighthood Excel
Arts Steps to Knighthood Excel
Combat Steps to Knighthood Excel
Ministry Steps to Knighthood Excel


Arms Registration Request PDF


Membership Form PDF Online Membership Payment
Steward's Monthly Worksheet PDF
Steward Monthly Report PDF
Event Register PDF Excel
Check Request PDF Excel


Forms
Event Sign-in CEM PDF Excel
Event Sign-in Competition PDF Excel 97-2003 Excel
Archery Sign-in PDF Excel
Robe (Arts and Sciences) Sign-in PDF Excel
Combat Sign-in PDF Excel
Ministry Sign-in PDF Excel
Collegiums PDF Excel
Event Sign-in Demo PDF Excel
Demo-Feast or Faire PDF Excel
Archery War Sign-in PDF Excel
Arts War Sign-in PDF Excel
Combat War Sign-in PDF Excel
Ministry War Sign-in PDF Excel
Other Forms
  Tourney Tree PDF
Honors, Knighthood Report PDF Excel
Estates Checklist Report PDF Excel
Minister and Estate-Holders Participation Report PDF Excel
Event Summary PDF Excel
Approved Events Form PDF Excel
Imperial Challenge Tracking Form PDF


Estate Formation Form PDF Excel


Welcome/Info Form PDF
Chapter Request Form Word

Downloading Information

Many or all of the documents here are in Adobe PDF Format. If you need Adobe Acrobat Reader, we offer a link to Adobe for downloading the free viewing utility below. This document type is the standard on the Internet for exchanging documents across various computer types and operating systems, thus its name: "Portable Document Format" (PDF). The PDF document can be viewed by nearly any type of computer and operating system, and will appear exactly the same on each system.
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