These are the current laws, manuals, and guides approved for use in the Adrian Empire.

New Member's Guide - January 2018


Lex Adria Imperium - January 2020
Writs and Publications - January 2020
Bylaws - January 2020


Archery (target and combat) - January 2019
Missile Weapons Construction - 2003
Arts and Sciences Manual - January 2020
Combat Manual - January 2020
Marshal's Manual - January 2017
Boffer Weapons Manual - January 2017
Siege Weapons Manual - January 2017


Codex Adjudicata - January 2017
Chancellor's Manual - December 2013


Heraldry Manual, Rules and regulations for registering of heraldry within the Adrian Empire
Armigerous Rights - January 2019
Order of Precedence Guideline - January 2019
Ceremonies and Oaths Examples - September 2002
Ceremonies for Knighting Examples - October 2002
Ceremonies for Coronation Examples - September 2002


Rolls and Lists Manual - January 2017
Policy for conversion of points for HMR - March 2003


Stewards Manual - June 2019


Procedure for Autocrating Special Events - January 2017
New Crowns' Guidebook - July 2004
Guideline: Expenditure of Imperial Funds for Travel - December 2019
Changes made to the manuals for the January 1, 2020 update (ZIP archive)

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