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Adria Members, Members at Large


NumberPersonaExpires OnCombat Tests
P-11087 J.A. of Members at Large4/1/2023 
P-11227 Gromal Finlay4/1/2024 
L-1051 Kyle McAllisternevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-10002 Arms Katarina Morgian Fernandez Alvareznevershinai=M; rapier=C; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
P-1105 Ram Suriya (Remy of Siam)4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
L-7397 Lord Draco Darkfirenevershinai=M; 
P-9967 Arms Aldia Soler4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; 
9006-11204 Nicholai4/1/2023 
A-10891 Arms Aife4/1/2023 
P-10588 Arms Robert Dryden4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
P-11130 Jeff of Members at Large4/1/2023 
P-11117 Jessica of Members at Large4/1/2023 
P-11197 Mariette4/1/2023 
L-5843 Arms Lord Garreth MacRaenevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-8383 Arms Sir Edward Blackthorne4/1/2024shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-9039 Arms Sir Noubeau Sarkanynevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
P-6391 Arms Dame Arbella4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-8191 Arms Dame Brigid Guildeforge4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-9872 Arms Rosalia Soto4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; missile=M; 
11227-11234 Bjorn Gromalson4/1/2024 
P-10221 Arms Dame Zanna4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
L-7508 Arms Malyk Corsarnevershinai=M; rapier=M; armored=C; missile=M; 
L-7509 Arms Dame Ledi Corsarnevermissile=M; 
P-9964 Aelfric of the Isle4/1/2024shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
9964-9965 S.H. of Members at Large4/1/2024missile=M; 
L-5117 Arms Lady Moira Pritani, suo jurenevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
A-2704 Arms Dame Halldora Egilsdotter4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
L-2907 Arms Sir Gwyllum ap DuDrane y cumerunevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-10952 Sylvi Herleifdottir4/1/2023 
P-11177 Mac Blackborne4/1/2024 
L-3174 Ashley of Members at Largenever 
L-3184 Arms Her Imperial Highnes Isabeau de Ravennenever 
7580-10567 Lord Rand4/1/2023 
P-7580 Arms Sir Trevlin4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-3372 Arms Sir Klaus Van Isbjergnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-10208 Moriki Banthanevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
4445-9999 Caitlyn-Rose of Members at Large4/1/2023 
L-5315 Dame Lyonene la Rose Noirenever 
L-9219 Arms Sir Jacques Dufaynevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
P-6849 Arms Sir Marcus Eneas4/1/2023 
P-10431 Captain Morgan O' Leary4/1/2023 
P-11162 Maeve Jerriksdottir4/1/2023 
L-8353 Arms Sir Gerrit Van Geldernevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
9006-11206 Lilibeth4/1/2023 
9006-11203 Markus of the Rhine4/1/2023 
P-9006 Arms Squire Lucinda Manchou4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; 
9006-11205 Wilhelm the Golden4/1/2023 
L-4445 Arms Dame Milisent de Lilleynever 

Paid Members48
Need to Renew0

Combat Tests Key:
Membership ID Number Key:
L-1234Lifetime member
A-1234Associate member
P-1234Standard / Primary member
1234-5678Member #5678 is a family member of membership #1234
Pass level:CombatMarshal
shinai=Cshinai=MShinai Test
rapier=Crapier=MRapier Test
c&t=Cc&t=MCut and Thrust Test
armored=Carmored=MArmored Test
missile=Cmissile=MMissile and Siege Test
marshal=MMarshal Test
marshal qualifiedQualified Marshal

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