Adria Members, The Kingdom of Terre Neuve Live

Adria Members, The Kingdom of Terre Neuve


NumberPersonaExpires OnCombat Tests
P-10563 Master Robert4/1/2025shinai=C; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=C; missile=C; 
P-11076 Robert Anthony4/1/2025 
11076-11096 Lilith4/1/2025 
P-10997 Arms Squire Olberic4/1/2025 
P-9040 Brandy of Terre Neuve4/1/2025 
9040-10860 Draven of Terre Neuve4/1/2025 
9040-10861 Malik of Terre Neuve4/1/2025 
9040-8984 Tobias4/1/2025armored=C; marshal=M; 
P-11329 Julia4/1/2025 
L-4150 Arms Dame Aileen Bristownevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-1345 Arms Sir Madoc McDonnonnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-1346 Arms Lady Isabelle McDonnonnever 
L-8288 Denys Calaisnever 
L-8239 Baroness Mary Calaisnever 
P-10450 Squire Eryx4/1/2025shinai=C; rapier=M; armored=C; 
P-1465 Sir Burke Campbell4/1/2025 
10041-10042 Colette of Terre Neuve4/1/2025 
P-10041 Nugeymath4/1/2025 
7568-9594 Lady Denise Marie de Guillemet4/1/2025 
P-7568 Arms Sir Duck A L´Orage4/1/2025 
P-9257 Ayarei4/1/2025 
A-7163 Arms Dame Gemma Evangelista Borgia4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
A-1771 Arms HRG Baron Hamish4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-8442 Arms Eugeron La Croix Von Hohenstaufen4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
P-11158 Arms Donald Durnil4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; armored=M; missile=M; 
P-11211 Sheldon of Terre Neuve4/1/2025 
11158-11220 Tamara Durnil4/1/2025 
11211-11218 Rayne4/1/2025 
1935-6234 Arms Lady Beatrice Lucrezia Asra Vannozza von Ramnstein4/1/2025 
1935-6672 Lady Lilianna Elise von Ramnstein4/1/2025 
L-1935 Arms HRG Dame Giulianna Elizabeta Veronica Johanna de Messinanever 
1935-1936 Arms HRG Coda der Sohne des Drachen Sanguinarius Viggo Manfred Wolfram von Ramnstein4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-6233 Arms Squire Wilhelm Timoteo Wolfgang von Ramnsteinnevershinai=C; rapier=C; 
P-7868 Mikael the Dragon4/1/2025 
L-7675 Arms The Square Baron Quintus Servilliusnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-8894 Arms Dame Eilish4/1/2025shinai=C; rapier=C; c&t=C; armored=M; missile=C; 
P-8074 Lady Marianne Freydas4/1/2025 
P-10040 Azrael of Anvard4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=C; c&t=C; armored=C; missile=M; 
2983-9310 Jacques Ferbois4/1/2025 
2983-9309 Ilan Belsky4/1/2025 
2983-9308 Signora Ianna Belsky4/1/2025 
10438-10444 Aimee Bryn Corey4/1/2025 
P-10438 Justin Bryn Corey4/1/2025 
10438-10440 Logan Bryn Corey4/1/2025 
10438-10960 Xander Bryn Corey4/1/2025 
P-10398 Zenda4/1/2025shinai=M; missile=C; 
P-10246 William Wolfwood4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; armored=M; 
8897-9533 Bastian the Strong4/1/2025 
8897-9534 Snow4/1/2025 
8897-9535 Brennon4/1/2025 
P-2366 Arms Dame Ceridwenrose4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-2434 Arms Sir Uther von Hopfnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-2458 Arms Sir Jason Barcanevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-2459 Arms Dame Meira Leigh Barcanever 
L-5918 Arms Sir Rowan Barcanever 
L-10811 Arms Dame Ahlma Holgomoenever 
P-10812 Master Erik4/1/2025 
11158-11219 Gail Durnil4/1/2025 
L-2670 Arms Sir Tailan Bran McNeilnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
2670-7565 Arms Lady Fiona McNeil4/1/2025 
L-1526 Arms Dame Anne Bryce of Kincraignevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
2670-7115 Lord Padraigh McNeil4/1/2025shinai=M; 
P-11180 Finn Au Donna4/1/2025 
P-9578 Arms Dame Elizabeth of Blackpool4/1/2025 
P-5921 Arms Freya Nic Essus4/1/2025shinai=C; 
5921-8328 Crimsome Nic Essus4/1/2025 
5921-11111 Ember Nic Essus4/1/2025 
5921-10168 Jaxen Nic Essus4/1/2025 
L-2749 Arms HIM Sir Callon Bryn Coreynevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-6613 Arms Princess Babette Bryn Coreynevershinai=C; 
P-5596 Evil, Red, Rachel4/1/2025 
P-4031 Arms Dame Kara4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; marshal=M; 
P-9041 Arms Lord Lief4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
L-6976 Caitrina the Fearlessnevershinai=M; 
P-2970 Arms Sir Cledwyn ap Llanwrst4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; marshal=M; 
P-11216 Alex of Terre Neuve4/1/2025 
L-2983 Arms Prince Nikolai MacLean Belsky Von Hapsburgnevershinai=C; rapier=C; armored=M; 
2983-7151 Lord Harrald4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; armored=M; 
P-11213 Sa´d ibn Hammam4/1/2025 
P-10307 Warwick Steinhertz4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=C; armored=M; 
P-11210 Celeste Orla4/1/2025 
11069-11483 Ghost4/1/2025 
L-3355 Arms Sir Stefan Belskinever 
P-4211 Arms Dame Gunborg Andersdotter4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
4211-8974 Arms Sir Brunulf Hjalmarsson4/1/2025 
P-7116 Arms HE Giovanni du pace4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; armored=C; 
7116-7617 Arms Dame Kalysta Rainbow Starsilver4/1/2025shinai=C; rapier=M; armored=M; missile=M; 
P-10375 Russ Harvardson4/1/2025 
P-7500 Arms Baron Kodiak4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-11429 Wallace4/1/2025 
P-11179 Bartholomew4/1/2025 
P-11431 Malik Marinus4/1/2025 
P-8281 Arms Guillermo4/1/2025shinai=C; rapier=M; armored=C; 
8281-11430 Scarlett of Terre Neuve4/1/2025 
P-10807 Iolar Firean4/1/2025missile=C; 
10807-10806 Grenrad4/1/2025 
10807-2985 Arms Dame Isabella Cristafori4/1/2025 
6614-10809 Rami Bryn Corey4/1/2025 
6614-11110 Faye Bryn Corey4/1/2025 
6614-10808 Samer Bryn Corey4/1/2025 
P-6614 Arms Dame Nadine Bryn Corey4/1/2025 
4032-9554 Arms Jarlynja Ishild Drekidottir4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; missile=M; 
L-4032 Arms Jarl Fyodor Tyrssonnevershinai=M; rapier=C; armored=C; missile=C; 
L-7431 Arms HRG Siegfried von Aschaffenburgnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-4087 Arms Prinz Johan von Hohenstaufennevershinai=M; rapier=M; armored=M; 
8036-11097 Elizabeth of Adria4/1/2025 
L-8036 Arms Sir Titus Draconisnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
10451-11435 Michael of Adria4/1/2025 
L-4144 Arms Sir Drakmar Bristownevershinai=C; rapier=M; armored=C; 
L-10451 Arms Dame Morgananevershinai=M; 
11329-11330 Danny4/1/2025 
P-10981 Grayson Max Dotter4/1/2025 
L-8897 Arms Dame Lucille Anne Griffinnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=C; missile=C; 
P-11065 Vivianne4/1/2025 
P-4313 Arms HRG Eric Svartr4/1/2025shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-11069 Master Shannon Iggins4/1/2025 

Paid Members116
Need to Renew0

Combat Tests Key:
Membership ID Number Key:
L-1234Lifetime member
A-1234Associate member
P-1234Standard / Primary member
1234-5678Member #5678 is a family member of membership #1234
Pass level:CombatMarshal
shinai=Cshinai=MShinai Test
rapier=Crapier=MRapier Test
c&t=Cc&t=MCut and Thrust Test
armored=Carmored=MArmored Test
missile=Cmissile=MMissile and Siege Test
marshal=MMarshal Test
marshal qualifiedQualified Marshal

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