Adria Members, The Archduchy of Var Heim Live

Adria Members, The Archduchy of Var Heim


NumberPersonaExpires OnCombat Tests
L-9095 Arms Brother Wolfnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
P-10851 Eleanora4/1/2023 
P-1419 Arms Dame Lysle Anne Niquette Vogel of Argyle4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; 
L-8010 Arms Kasper Magnussennever 
L-8009 Ester Godrewnever 
L-9802 Keiran McKinleynever 
10768-10796 Arms Kyra of Var Heim4/1/2023 
L-8132 Laurwren McKinleynevershinai=C; rapier=C; c&t=C; armored=C; 
L-8455 Steven Whittekind Wintersnightnevershinai=M; rapier=C; armored=C; 
A-11226 Georgei Dmitreev syn Kirill4/1/2024 
P-10434 Arms Kaetherlyna Ysabella Diamonda4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
P-8754 Arms His Excellency Wolfgang Archer Silverhand4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
8754-9565 Arms Lady Godiva4/1/2023 
10768-10769 Arms Jerrick Elle4/1/2024shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
A-11167 Advenia Filia Gerhardi4/1/2023 
L-9889 Sir Angantyr Hjalmsmithrnever 
L-9891 Daknever 
L-9890 Mairin Hjalmsmithernever 
L-9418 Arms Morrigananever 
L-7504 Bolverknevershinai=M; rapier=C; armored=C; missile=M; 
6783-6782 Kendra4/1/2023 
L-7117 Arms Lady Emily Silverhandnever 
L-5965 Arms Princess Gabriele Silverhandnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
L-5964 Arms Sir Ruaidhri Silverhandnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-5966 Arms Padraig Silverhandnever 
P-9318 Arms Dame Anna Suderhandin4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; 
9318-9606 Daniel of Var Heim4/1/2023 
9318-9607 Hendrick of Var Heim4/1/2023 
A-10436 Hrafnhildr of Krakafjord4/1/2023missile=M; 
P-10904 Ylva4/1/2024 
P-10768 Arms Yrsa Kettilsdottir4/1/2024 
L-10905 Willum Trollheim Von Bladerghastnever 
1419-3721 Arms Sir Darren Green4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-10435 Friedrich Von Waldeck4/1/2023marshal=M; 
P-10175 Bjorn Bjornsson4/1/2023shinai=C; rapier=C; armored=C; missile=C; 
10955 Beornwynn4/1/2024 
L-6878 Arms Dame Helena Silverhandnevermissile=M; 
L-8939 Arms Sir Ljotr Einarssonnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
L-6680 Arms Sir Mizak Peradonevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
L-6615 Arms Dame Salix alba Sericeanevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-8738 Ylva Halvarsdottir4/1/2023shinai=M; missile=M; 
P-6783 Glynne-Rose Wyndhaven4/1/2023 

Paid Members42
Need to Renew0

Combat Tests Key:
Membership ID Number Key:
L-1234Lifetime member
A-1234Associate member
P-1234Standard / Primary member
1234-5678Member #5678 is a family member of membership #1234
Pass level:CombatMarshal
shinai=Cshinai=MShinai Test
rapier=Crapier=MRapier Test
c&t=Cc&t=MCut and Thrust Test
armored=Carmored=MArmored Test
missile=Cmissile=MMissile and Siege Test
marshal=MMarshal Test
marshal qualifiedQualified Marshal

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