Date:  6-18-2024
Persona:   Fergus mckrakan
ID:  10425
Expires:  4-1-2025
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
17226Cathair Na Caillte10-28-2018Populace Meeting1000
17438Cathair Na Caillte11-22-2018Feast of the Lost1000
17452Cathair Na Caillte2-16-2019HOMECOMING @ MVCP0020
17459Cathair Na Caillte3-15-2019London Bridge Renn Faire1020
17432Cathair Na Caillte3-23-2019Spring Warriors SproutX001
17526Cathair Na Caillte5-18-2019Change Your Stars @ MVCP1010
17737Cathair Na Caillte6-15-2019A&S Judging Collegium0010
17739Cathair Na Caillte7-13-2019CnC CEM1000
17744Adria10-11-2019IST @ Age of Chivalry1010
17894Cathair Na Caillte11-28-2019Day of Thanks @ Hart Farm1000
17833Cathair Na Caillte11-30-2019MVCP Build Days0010
17879Cathair Na Caillte12-21-2019Return of the Holly King & Yule Feast1000
17904Cathair Na Caillte1-19-2020CEM 1000
17963Cathair Na Caillte2-17-2020Homecoming @ MVCP1030
18015Auroch's Fjord3-14-2020Gaelic Games Bullhead City, AZ1000
18322Cathair Na Caillte10-3-2021Plague War & Trny@ MVCP1100
19120Adria10-7-2022Imperial Exception - 2022 IST, Part One0010
18585Cathair Na Caillte1-22-2023Happy Birthday!! January event 9200 Aquarius dr Mohave valley arizona 864401000
18501Cathair Na Caillte2-18-2023Homecoming @ MVCP1010
18904Cathair Na Caillte6-17-20239200 Aquarius drive Mohave Valley arizona 864401000
18990Cathair Na Caillte6-24-2023Family fun fair demo Aderson field house Bullhead city AZX000
TOTAL   151131