Robe Details for Chevalier Adeline Di Montfort Live

Robe Details for Chevalier Adeline Di Montfort


Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:   Chevalier Adeline Di Montfort
ID:  10756
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Leicester
Event IDChapterDateLocationJourEPJourTWKniEPKniTWMWorkWarDemo
17381Stirling2-24-2019Feb Monthly make up1000000
17514Stirling5-19-2019May Archery and Collegiums0000001
17570Adria5-25-2019Banner War SE 2019 @ Wickham Park1000010
17576Stirling6-23-2019monthly crown @ TY Park1000000
17693Adria8-30-2019ICW SE 2019 @ Markham Park1100010
17717Stirling9-22-2019Monthly Event at TY Park0000001
17744Adria10-11-2019IST @ Age of Chivalry0000001
17843Stirling10-27-2019Crown War and tourney @ TY Park1000011
18104Stirling7-22-2020Arch Duchy of Stirling July 2020 Collegiums0000002
18965Terre Neuve7-25-2020Brewing Collegium virtual0000001
18109Stirling9-5-2020Arch Duchy of Stirling September Zoom Collegiums0000001
18121Stirling10-25-2020Collegium Afternoon - Hollywood FL ia Zoom for Adrian Empire0000005
18199Stirling8-22-2021TY Park Augst Event1000000
18207Stirling8-29-2021Arts Judging Collegium - Zoom0000001
18382Stirling10-24-2021Crown War TY Park Sellers vs Buyers with Oct Event1000010
18723Stirling7-13-2022Arts Judging Collegium on zoom0000001
18558Stirling7-24-2022July Event at TY Park0010000
18534Leicester9-10-2022September Crown Event Charles Ray Park Port St. Lucie0010000
18725Leicester10-15-2022Quantum House Children's Hospital Demo with October Monthly Touurnament, Quantum0000001
19129Adria9-2-2023IMP Exception - ICW SE TY Park and Ft Laud Archery0011010
19478Leicester5-9-2024Collegium Evening - Arts Judging/Project, Marshaling/Combat, Steps to Knighthood0000001
TOTAL   71310518

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