Ministry Details for Fleur DuBois Live

Ministry Details for Fleur DuBois


Date:  6-23-2024
Persona:   Fleur DuBois
ID:  11085
Expires:  4-1-2025
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
18851Auroch's Fjord6-11-2022June Tourney Kingman, AZ1000
18845Auroch's Fjord7-2-2022Summer Survivors1000
18844Auroch's Fjord8-6-2022Summer Survivors Bullhead City, Az1000
18888Auroch's Fjord8-6-2022Arts Docs Collegium0010
18843Auroch's Fjord9-17-2022Summer Survivors September Bullhead City, AZ1000
19068Adria8-13-2023Sword & Board, Chilvery & you0010
19069Adria8-13-2023Combat Archery: Courtly Manner0010
19070Adria8-13-2023Marshalling: Fashion History0011
19071Adria8-13-2023Making Garb Work: Rapier Techniques0010
19072Adria8-13-2023STK Forms0010
19321Umbria2-2-2024Two Rivers Faire - Demo & Archery Tournament0010
TOTAL   4071


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