Combat Details for Dame Lysle Anne Niquette Vogel of Argyle Live

Combat Details for Dame Lysle Anne Niquette Vogel of Argyle


Date:  4-24-2024
Persona:  Dame Lysle Anne Niquette Vogel of Argyle
ID:  1419
Expires:  4-1-2023
Chapter:  Var Heim
Event IDChapterDateLocationSergEPSergTWKniEPKniTWKniArmEPKniArmTWWarDemo
1508Terre Neuve3-18-2000War@TN00000010
11548Adria8-4-2001event and war10000000
2914Esperance8-11-2001Tournament, Eisenhower Park, Orange10000000
5891Adria8-31-2001Imperial War West - Featherly Park00000010
8310Esperance4-18-2009Wayzegoose, UC Irvine00000001
10306Esperance2-13-2011Historical PoleArm Combat Collegia -Canyon RV Park00000001
11920Esperance9-8-2012Tall Ships Demo @ Dana Point00000001
14226Esperance2-14-2015Introduction to Short Staff of Palus Hector Mair @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/00000001
14512Esperance4-24-2015MacArthur Fund Int. School00000001
15060Esperance2-13-2016Blue Rose Collegium - Longsword00000001
15372Esperance4-22-2016MacArthur Intermediate School, Santa Ana, CA00000001
15806Esperance8-6-2016rapier makeup00110000
15683Esperance9-10-2016Canyon RV Park00100000
15952Esperance3-11-2017Canyon RV Park00000001
15953Esperance3-11-2017Blue Rose Collegia - Marshalling00000001
16183Esperance5-26-2017Sierra Madre Middle School00000001
16412Adria10-13-2017I/NST at Sunset Park, Las Vegas00000001
16418Esperance10-28-2017HalloweenEvent and ministry points canyon rv park00100000
17197Esperance4-8-2018Church Demo00000001
17357Esperance2-9-2019Canyon RV Park00000001
17358Esperance2-9-2019Canyon RV Park00000001
TOTAL   203100214



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