Robe Details for Sir Gwyllum ap DuDrane y cumeru Live

Robe Details for Sir Gwyllum ap DuDrane y cumeru


Date:  6-23-2024
Persona:  Sir Gwyllum ap DuDrane y cumeru
ID:  2907
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationJourEPJourTWKniEPKniTWMWorkWarDemo
2121Aragon4-15-2000Sunset Park EarthFest0000001
3954Vingulf3-10-2001Collegium@Las Vegas0000001
2208Aragon6-16-2001Demo and Tournament@Colonnade 140010000
9235Adria11-3-2001Collegium @ Imperial Coronation0000001
5114Adria5-25-2002Imperial Banner War West - Featherly Park0000001
2353Vingulf8-27-2002*** Small Clothes Costuming @ Sunrise Library0000001
2404Umbria3-1-2003Crown War SBSB1000010
2432Aragon8-2-2003** St. Augustine @ Las Vegas Archery Association0010000
6094Vingulf9-19-2003** McDaniel Elementary - Foxridge Park Demo0000001
2449Vingulf10-19-2003*** Day of the Dead @ SBSB0010000
9682Umbria10-25-2003Canton on the river1000000
9644Umbria11-16-2003Canton on the River0010000
3559Albion5-8-2004Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Park0010000
3778Adria10-9-2004National Steel Tournment - Las Vegas0011100
3600Albion10-30-2004? Day of the Dead @ Sam Boyd Silver Bowl0010000
5082Albion1-9-2005Crown Event @ Sunrise Library0010000
3916Albion4-16-2005Fool's War/tournament @ Sam Boyd Silverbowl Park0011010
3917Albion4-23-2005Crown War @ Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Park00XX0X0
3920Albion5-7-2005Crown Event @ Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Park0010000
3843Adria5-28-2005Imperial Banner War West 20050010000
3115Adria9-3-2005Imperial War West 20050010010
3509Albion10-29-2005Day of the Dead @ Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Park0011100
3467Albion4-1-2006Fool's War @ Sam Boyd Silver Bowl0010010
3900Albion7-1-2006Albion Crown Event - Sam Boyd Silver Bowl Park0010000
3913Albion8-6-2006Albion Crown Event - Sunrise Library0010000
4871Albion9-9-2006Albion Crown Event - Old SilverBowl Park0011100
4989Vingulf9-16-2006First Christian Church Demo0000001
4992Adria10-13-2006National Invitational Steel Tournament, Las Vegas, NV0010000
5457Adria3-19-200720th Anniversary Tournments0011100
5544Albion3-31-2007 Fools War / Tournment0011110
9236Adria10-6-2007National Steel @ Sunset Park0011100
6859Albion2-2-2008Hearts and Honors @ - Sunrise Library0010000
7285Albion7-9-2008Cedar City UT Ren Faire0000001
14663Glynmore4-25-2015Alice in Wonderland Fools War and Tourney0010000
14991Glynmore1-31-2016Collegia Day0000004
15446Auroch's Fjord8-20-2016Auroch's Fjord/ Glynmore Collegium Day0000001
15909Glynmore12-9-2016Cub Scout Demo @ Wayne Bunker Park - LV, NV0000001
15896Glynmore1-14-2017January Tourney @ Whitney Ranch - Henderson, NV0000001
TOTAL   202376515


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