Event List for Sir Stefan Belski Live

Event List for Sir Stefan Belski


Date:  5-22-2024
Persona:  Sir Stefan Belski
ID:  3355
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Terre Neuve
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
1056Esperance4-9-1994Mile sq. park, Fountain ValleyX  X 
1071Esperance8-13-1994Hart Park, RiversideX  X 
1077Esperance9-24-1994Mile sq. park, Fountain ValleyX  XX
1086Esperance11-5-1994Crossroads FaireX  XX
1087Esperance11-6-1994Crossroads FaireX  XX
1088Adria11-12-1994Holy WarX  X 
1102Esperance3-11-1995Mile sq. park, Fountain ValleyX   X
1107Esperance4-8-1995Mile sq. park, Fountain ValleyX  XX
1113Esperance5-13-1995Mile sq. park, Fountain ValleyX  XX
1114Adria5-27-1995Banner War WestX X  
1116Esperance6-3-1995Mile sq. park, Fountain ValleyX  XX
1121Esperance7-1-1995Mission San Louis Re TNX  XX
1123Esperance7-2-1995Mission San Louis Re TNX  XX
1124Esperance7-8-1995Esperance Holy War @ Mile sq. park, Fountain ValleyX  XX
1265Esperance8-9-1997Featherly park, RiversideX  X 
1269Adria8-30-1997Rancho Jarupa ParkX XX 
9019Aragon10-11-1997Sunset ParkX  X 
1292Esperance11-8-1997Crown War @ Mile sq. park, Fountain ValleyX  X 
11154Aragon1-3-1998Aragon Coronation, Las VegasX  XX
1300Aragon1-4-1998Aragon CoronationX XXX
1314Adria3-7-1998Friendship War @ Prado Regional ParkX  X 
9050Aragon5-23-1998Chocolate War in ParhumpX  XX
1355Esperance7-25-1998Holy War, Corona, CAX XXX
5926Adria9-6-1998Imperial War West @ Dos Picos Park - CaliforniaX  X 
6745Umbria10-31-1998Kingdom War @ Cactus ParkX   X
2057Adria5-29-1999Imperial Banner War West @ Flagstaff, ArizonaX   X
2083Adria10-9-1999NAT'L Steel@Clark County Renn FaireX  X 
TOTAL   27042316

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO



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