Date:  3-23-2023
Persona:  Sir Darren Green
ID:  3721
Expires:  4-1-2023
Chapter:  Var Heim
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
9081Sangrael4-29-2000Demo - Walk for Life0010
2239Adria10-13-2001** National Invitational Tournment CCPR @ Sunset Park, Las Vegas0030
5916Esperance10-22-2006Castle of the Friends Demo @ Redondo Beach0010
5210Esperance11-11-2006Crown War / Tournment @ Featherly Park1100
5662Esperance3-10-2007Hurless Barton Park0010
5722Esperance4-14-2007Crown War Tournment @ Canyon RV Park1100
6769Esperance4-14-2007Marshal Collegium @ Esperance0010
12202Esperance4-14-2007Collegia - Heraldry Class0010
5720Esperance4-21-2007Demo Wayzgoose@UCI0010
10415Esperance5-6-2007Coronation of Jehan and Guilanna @ Westminister Chapel1000
5664Esperance5-12-2007Hurless Barton ParkX000
5736Esperance6-9-2007Hurless Barton Park1000
6762Esperance9-8-2007Tall Ships Demo @ Dana Point0010
6774Esperance10-13-2007Hurless Barton park, Yorba Linda1000
6857Esperance1-12-2008Crown Tournment @ Canyon RV Park1000
6934Esperance2-9-2008Hurless Barton Park- Yorba Linda1000
7048Esperance4-12-2008Crown War @ Featherly Park,0100
7077Esperance4-19-2008UCI- Wayzgoose Festival1010
10669Esperance6-7-2008Demo at the Mall of Orange0010
13666Esperance7-12-2008Coronation Feast of TRM Katherine and Jamie1000
7637Esperance11-8-2008Hurless Park, Yorba Linda1000
8303Esperance2-14-2009Yorba Linda1000
8368Esperance4-11-2009Featherly Park -Crown War0100
8310Esperance4-18-2009Wayzegoose, UC Irvine0010
8452Esperance7-11-2009Tournament @ Hurless Barton Park1000
8467Terre Neuve7-23-2009San Diego Convention Center0010
8468Terre Neuve7-24-2009San Diego Convention Center0010
8674Esperance8-9-2009Tournament @ Featherly Park, Anaheim1000
9264Adria2-13-2010Collegium Weekend @ Canyon RV Park, Anaheim1000
9531Esperance4-10-2010Crown War @ Canyon RV Park, Anaheim0100
9482Esperance4-11-2010Tournament @ Canyon RV Park, Anaheim1000
9705Esperance6-26-2010Demo@Moreno Valley Mall0010
10110Esperance1-8-2011Memorial Event @ Hurless Barton Park, Yorba Linda1000
10258Esperance2-12-2011Blue Rose Collegia; Canyon RV Park Anaheim1000
10474Esperance5-14-2011Tournament @ Hurless Park, Yorba Linda1000
10543Esperance6-11-2011Esperance Tournament of the Shield0001
10604Esperance7-10-2011Coronation of TRM Coda Aoife1000
10732Esperance9-3-2011Baronial War and Tournament of the Flushing Toilets1000
10917Esperance11-12-2011Tournament @ Hurless Barton Park, Yorba Linda1000
11116Esperance1-14-2012Crown Tournament at Hurless Park, Yorba Linda1000
11501Esperance4-14-2012Esperance Crown War and Tournament @ Canyon RV, Anaheim0100
11497Esperance5-12-2012Crown Tournament @ Hurless Park, Yorba Linda1000
11611Esperance6-9-2012Kingdom Shield Tournament @ Canyon R.V.1001
11920Esperance9-8-2012Tall Ships Demo @ Dana Point0010
12098Esperance11-10-2012Discovery Science Center Pumpkin Launch0010
12200Esperance11-10-2012Tournament @ Canyon RV Park, Anaheim 1000
12201Esperance12-8-2012Tournament @ Canyon RV, Anaheim1000
12345Esperance2-9-2013Blue Rose Collegium, Canyon RV Anaheim Hills 1000
12383Esperance3-9-2013Crown Tournament @ Hurless Park1000
12480Adria3-17-2013IEM ~ March1000
12485Esperance4-13-2013Crown War Weekend @ Canyon RV Park1100
12542Esperance5-11-2013Tournament @ Hurless Park1000
12618Esperance6-8-2013Shield Tournament & Coronation at Hurless Park0001
12888Esperance8-10-2013Crown War Tournament at Canyon RV1100
12863Adria8-31-2013Inperial Crown War South West 2013; Canyon RV, Anaheim Hills, CA1100
13161Esperance12-14-2013Tournament at Canyon RV1000
13189Esperance1-11-2014Kingdom Tournament @ Canyon RV1000
13337Esperance2-8-2014Blue Rose Collegia - Chivalry0010
13358Esperance2-8-2014Kingdom Tournament - Makeup - Canyon R.V., Anaheim Hills1000
13386Esperance3-15-2014Canton Tortuga Tournament1000
13430Esperance4-12-2014Crown Tournament and War1100
13512Esperance5-10-2014Esperance Tournament @ Canyon RV1000
13595Esperance6-14-2014Canyon RV park, Anaheim CA1001
13718Esperance7-12-2014Court Etiquette Collegium @ Canyon RV park, Anaheim CA0010
13720Esperance7-12-2014Canyon RV Park, Anaheim CA1000
13766Terre Neuve7-24-2014San Diego Convention Center0010
13765Terre Neuve7-25-2014San Diego Convention Center 0010
13767Terre Neuve7-26-2014San Diego Convention CenterX010
13829Esperance8-9-2014Water War @ Canyon RV Anaheim1101
14003Esperance9-13-2014Queen's Champion Tourney @ Canyon RV park, Anaheim CA1000
14004Esperance10-11-2014Crown Tourney @ Canyon RV park, Anaheim CA1000
14201Adria11-1-2014November IEM1000
14086Esperance11-8-2014Unmundaneification @ Canyon R/V park, Anaheim1000
14087Esperance12-13-2014Crown Tourney @ Canyon R/V, Anaheim1000
14088Esperance1-10-2015Crown Tourney @ Canyon R/V, Anaheim1000
14435Esperance3-6-2015Ranchero Middle School Demo0010
14425Esperance3-14-2015Crown Tourney @ Canyon R/V, Anaheim1000
14442Terre Neuve3-21-2015Featherly Park0100
14513Esperance4-11-2015Crown War1100
14478Esperance6-13-2015Tournament of the Shied1001
15008Terre Neuve7-9-20152015 Comic Con Demo Day 1@San Diego Convention Center0011
15024Terre Neuve7-10-2015Comic Con Demo 2015 Day 20011
14511Esperance7-12-2015 1000
14714Esperance9-12-2015Canyon RV Park1000
15055Esperance11-7-2015Discover cube/CSUF Pumpkin Launch0001
15086Esperance1-9-2016January make up Canyon RV Park1000
15057Esperance2-13-2016Blue Rose Collegium1000
15058Esperance2-13-2016Blue Rose collegium - Marshalled Heraldry/Armoury0010
15087Esperance2-13-2016Feb makeup Canyon RV ParkX000
15088Esperance3-12-2016Canyon RV Park1000
15371Esperance4-9-2016Canyon RV Park0100
15372Esperance4-22-2016MacArthur Intermediate School, Santa Ana, CA0010
15377Esperance6-11-2016Canyon RV Park1001
15497Terre Neuve7-21-20162016 Comic Con Day 10001
15529Terre Neuve7-22-20162016 Comic Con Demo Day 20001
15530Terre Neuve7-23-20162016 Comic Con Demo Day 30010
15531Terre Neuve7-24-20162016 Comic Con Demo Day 40010
15806Esperance8-6-2016rapier makeup1000
15683Esperance9-10-2016Canyon RV Park1000
15903Esperance1-14-2017Canyon RV Park1000
15961Esperance2-11-2017February Archery, Ministry, and Combat1000
15864Terre Neuve2-18-20172017 Comic Fest Demo Day 10010
15865Terre Neuve2-19-20172017 Comic Fest Demo Day 20010
15953Esperance3-11-2017Blue Rose Collegia - Marshalling0011
15954Esperance3-11-2017Blue Rose Collegia - Keeping Track of Your Points0011
15955Esperance3-11-2017Blue Rose Collegia - Government Structure in Adria0010
15956Esperance3-11-2017Blue Rose Collegia - Court Etiquette0011
15959Esperance3-12-2017Canyon RV Park1000
16126Esperance4-8-2017Crown War Canyon RV Park0100
16127Esperance4-9-2017Canyon RV Park1000
16181Esperance5-13-2017Canyon RV Park1000
16182Esperance5-31-2017 X000
16179Esperance6-10-2017Canyon RV park1000
16418Esperance10-28-2017HalloweenEvent and ministry points canyon rv park1000
16462Esperance11-11-2017canyon rv park1000
16540Esperance12-9-2017Canyon RV Park and monthly minister points1000
16738Esperance4-14-2018Canyon RV Park, CA0100
16739Esperance4-15-2018Canyon RV Park, CA1000
16895Esperance5-12-2018Canyon RV Park - Crown Tourney1000
17200Esperance7-14-2018Canyon RV Park1001
17254Esperance8-11-2018Canyon RV Park1100
17125Adria9-1-2018SWCW, Featherly Park1100
17356Esperance2-9-2019Canyon RV Park1000
17365Esperance2-9-2019Canyon RV Park0010
17648Var Heim8-17-2019Camelot Winery Demo (10th year) Kelowna0010
TOTAL   74183816