Combat Details for Viceroy Reichsritter Aloysius Der Von Rosafarbene Frundsberg Live

Combat Details for Viceroy Reichsritter Aloysius Der Von Rosafarbene Frundsberg


Date:  6-13-2024
Persona:  Viceroy Reichsritter Aloysius Der Von Rosafarbene Frundsberg
ID:  5700
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Leicester
Event IDChapterDateLocationSergEPSergTWKniEPKniTWKniArmEPKniArmTWWarDemo
3644Adria5-28-2005Imperial Banner War South East00000010
5503Stirling6-25-2005Crown War / Tournment @ TY Park00000010
6907Stirling8-14-2005Canton Kincora10000000
6901Stirling9-25-2005Crown Tournment11000000
6911Stirling10-15-2005Crown Event @ TY Park Faire10000000
6912Stirling11-12-2005Camelot Days 2005 @ TY Park10000000
6736Stirling12-18-2005Kingdom Tournment @ TY Park11000000
5218Stirling3-25-2006Crown War / Tournment at TY Park11000010
4873Stirling8-27-2006Aug Event at TY00101000
5008Stirling10-29-2006Crown Tournment @ TY00100000
5066Kincora11-12-2006Camelot Faire @ TY Park00101001
5980Stirling7-8-2007Castilles Tournament at Greynolds00101000
6614Stirling11-10-2007Nov Event and Demo at Camelot Days @ Ty Park00101002
6628Stirling12-22-2007December Event at Camelot Days @ Ty Park00101001
7185Kincora4-12-2008Tree Tops Park00101000
7186Kincora5-4-2008Tree Tops Park00101000
7212Adria5-24-2008Imperial Banner War South East @ Quiet Waters00000010
7862Kincora8-2-2008Tree Tops Park00101010
7361Adria8-30-2008Imperial Crown War SE @ Wickman Park00100010
7863Kincora9-6-2008Tree Tops Park00101000
7904Kincora1-10-2009Tree Tops Park00101000
8175Adria4-17-2009HOC - Conversion00100000
8396Kincora5-9-2009Tree Tops Park00110000
8312Adria5-23-2009Banner War SE, Davie FL.00100010
8397Kincora6-13-2009Crown event at Tree Tops Park00100000
8494Kincora7-11-2009Fun War and event @ Tree Tops Park00100010
8478Kincora8-9-2009Crown event at Tree Tops Park00111000
8565Adria9-5-2009South East Imp. War00000010
8880Kincora11-14-2009Tree Tops Park00101000
8888Kincora12-12-2009Event @ Tree Tops Park00101000
9576Kincora5-8-2010Tree Top Park00101001
9535Adria5-29-2010Banner War South East 00100010
9788Adria9-4-2010Imp.War SE @ Quite Waters Park, Fl00000010
9913Kincora10-10-2010Tree Tops Park00101010
10042Kincora11-14-2010Tree Tops00110000
10052Kincora12-12-2010Tree Tops00110000
10395Kincora2-13-2011TreeTops Park 00101000
10398Kincora3-13-2011Tree Tops 00101000
10399Kincora4-10-2011Tree Tops00101000
10499Stirling4-30-2011T-Y Park April Crown War11X1X110
10451Kincora5-8-2011Tree Tops Park00101000
10506Adria5-28-2011Imperial Banner War SE 201100111110
10533Kincora8-14-2011Tree Tops Park00101000
10804Adria9-3-2011SE Imperial Crown War @ Quiet Waters Park00000010
10792Stirling9-25-2011Event @ TY Park00101000
10879Stirling10-23-2011TY Park00111100
11104Stirling11-13-2011steel make up 1-8-12 @ Tree Tops00111100
10986Stirling11-27-2011TY Park00X0X000
11105Stirling12-11-2011steel make up 1-8-12 at Tree Tops00101000
10987Stirling12-25-2011TY Park00X0X000
11113Stirling1-8-2012Canton of Kincora @ Tree Tops00101000
11145Stirling1-22-2012Crown War and Monthly Tourney @ TY Park00X1X010
11221Antioch1-27-2012Tourney, War and Collegiums@Wickham Park0000X0X3
11410Stirling2-12-2012Kincora - Bastard Triple00111100
11441Stirling3-11-2012Canton of Kincora Bastard Triple00101000
11442Stirling4-15-2012Canton of Kincora Bastard Triple00101000
11507Stirling5-13-2012Canton of Kincora00111100
11458Adria5-27-2012Imp. Banner War & Tourney SE00111110
11788Stirling7-8-2012Canton of Kincora. Renn makeup00100000
11717Stirling7-22-2012Tourney at Canton of Castilles - TY Park00X00000
11759Stirling8-12-2012Canton of Kincora Monthly Tourney00100000
11844Adria9-2-2012Imperial Crown War & Tourney ~ SE 00000010
12021Stirling10-14-2012Canton of Kincora, Tree Tops Park00110000
12079Stirling10-28-2012Canton of Castilles, TY Park00X00010
12177Stirling11-25-2012Canton of Castilles, TY Park00100001
12262Stirling1-13-2013Canton of Kincora00101000
12507Stirling2-10-2013Bastard Triple, Canton of Kincora, held 4-14-201300101000
12516Stirling3-10-2013Bastard Triple Canton of Kincora-Tree Tops, April 14, 201300101000
12519Stirling4-14-2013Bastard Triple at Canton of Kincora00101000
12592Adria5-25-2013Banner War ~ East - N.Carolina00101011
12633Stirling6-9-2013Canton of Kincora10100000
12684Stirling6-23-2013Canton of Castilles00000001
12870Stirling8-25-2013Canton of Castilles/TY Park00101001
12872Adria9-1-2013ICW 2013 SE/Markham Park00101010
12919Stirling9-22-2013Canton of Castilles, Monthly event00100001
13068Stirling10-27-2013Canton of Castilles TY Park00100010
13136Stirling11-10-2013Canton of Kincora00111100
13137Stirling12-9-2013Canton of Kincora00111100
13242Stirling12-28-2013TY Park00X00000
13545Adria5-24-2014Banner War SE Markham Park00111110
13565Stirling6-8-2014Canton of Kincora at Tree Tops00100000
13818Stirling8-10-2014Canton of Kincora00100002
17381Stirling2-24-2019Feb Monthly make up00101000
17627Stirling3-24-2019March crown Triple Make up @ TY00111100
17570Adria5-25-2019Banner War SE 2019 @ Wickham Park00000011
17626Stirling5-26-2019May make-up event00111100
17576Stirling6-23-2019monthly crown @ TY Park00111100
17599Stirling7-28-2019July Triple Event (March,May)00111101
17654Stirling8-25-2019Monthly Event at TY Park 00111100
17717Stirling9-22-2019Monthly Event at TY Park00101000
17744Adria10-11-2019IST @ Age of Chivalry00101002
19042Stirling2-23-2020Bastard Triple, TY Park, Hollywood Florida00111100
18200Stirling3-22-2020TY PARK - MARCH 2020 MAKE UP00111000
18201Stirling4-26-2020TY PARK MAKE UP00100000
18274Stirling5-24-2020TY PARK - MAKE UP00111100
18101Stirling6-27-2020Land of Stirling Zoom Conferencing00000001
18276Stirling7-26-2020TY PARK MAKE up00111100
18424Stirling8-23-2020crown event mu TY Park00110000
18109Stirling9-5-2020Arch Duchy of Stirling September Zoom Collegiums00000003
18425Stirling9-27-2020crown event mu TY Park00110000
19041Stirling1-24-2021Bastard Triple, TY Park, Hollywood, Fl00111100
18735Stirling2-21-2021Feb Crown @ TY Park00110000
18728Stirling3-28-2021March Crown @ TY Park00110000
18730Stirling5-23-2021May Crown @ TY Park10110000
18731Stirling6-27-2021June Crown @ TY Park00110000
18763Stirling7-25-2021July MU @ TY Park00110000
18199Stirling8-22-2021TY Park Augst Event00101000
18303Umbria8-29-2021Zoom Combat Marshalling Collegium00000001
18273Stirling9-26-2021SEPTEMBER EVENT TY PARK 00111100
18382Stirling10-24-2021Crown War TY Park Sellers vs Buyers with Oct Event00111110
18423Stirling11-28-2021Crown event TY Park00110000
18762Stirling12-26-2021December mu @ TY Park00100000
18557Stirling4-9-2022K3 Event @ Port St Lucie00111000
19040Stirling4-24-2022Bastard Triple, Ty Park, Hollywood00X0X000
18737Stirling5-22-2022May Crown @ TY Park00110000
18750Stirling6-26-2022Stirling Crown @ TY Park00110000
18546Stirling7-16-2022July K3 event Charles Ray Pk Port St Lucie00101000
18558Stirling7-24-2022July Event at TY Park00X10000
18535Leicester8-13-2022August 2022 Make-Up held at Charles Ray Park port St. Lucie00111000
19348Adria9-3-2022IMP EXCEPTION ICW SE 2022 Killer Bunnies Markham Park, Sunrise, FLorida00111010
18534Leicester9-10-2022September Crown Event Charles Ray Park Port St. Lucie00XXX000
19120Adria10-7-2022Imperial Exception - 2022 IST, Part One00100001
19124Adria10-7-2022Imperial Exception: 2022 IST Part Two00000001
19126Adria10-7-2022Imperial Exception: 2022 IST, Part Three00000001
18725Leicester10-15-2022Quantum House Children's Hospital Demo with October Monthly Touurnament, Quantum00X01001
19039Stirling10-23-2022Stirling Crown War, TY Park, Hollywood, Fl00X1X010
19038Adria11-12-2022IMPERIAL EXCEPTION - 2022 Nov IEM, Coronation, and Steel Collegium00000001
18526Alhambra11-13-2022Live Steel Combat Collegium00000001
18854Adria5-27-2023Imp Exception - IBW SE @ TY Park00110010
18928Leicester5-27-2023Leicester monthly at IBW SW 202300XX0000
19068Adria8-13-2023Sword & Board, Chilvery & you00000001
19069Adria8-13-2023Combat Archery: Courtly Manner00000001
19070Adria8-13-2023Marshalling: Fashion History00000001
19071Adria8-13-2023Making Garb Work: Rapier Techniques00000001
19338Stirling8-27-2023August Crown M/U00110000
19129Adria9-2-2023IMP Exception - ICW SE TY Park and Ft Laud Archery00111010
19337Stirling9-24-2023Stirling September Monthly event at TY Park with August Make Up00XX0000
19339Stirling10-22-2023Stirling Crown War - Scots vs English at TY Park with October Tournament00110010
19341Leicester10-22-2023Leicester Monthly Event held at TY Park00XX0000
19478Leicester5-9-2024Collegium Evening - Arts Judging/Project, Marshaling/Combat, Steps to Knighthood00000001
TOTAL   94994863213141

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