Event List for Lord Garreth MacRae Live

Event List for Lord Garreth MacRae


Date:  6-24-2024
Persona:  Lord Garreth MacRae
ID:  5843
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
3903Albion7-22-2006Albion Coronation - Desert Inn EstatesX    
4932Albion9-23-2006Ely Canton Monthly Event -X XXX
4992Adria10-13-2006National Invitational Steel Tournament, Las Vegas, NVX XXX
4975Albion10-22-2006Estates Meeting at Sunrise LibraryX   X
4985Albion10-28-2006Ely Canton Event - McGill, NvX  XX
5064Albion11-11-2006Albion Crown Event - Old Silver Bowl parkX  X 
5171Vingulf11-11-2006November Ducal Crown EventX  X 
5878Albion7-1-2007Monthly Event - Sunrise LibraryX  X 
9236Adria10-6-2007National Steel @ Sunset ParkX XX 
6812Albion10-21-2007Canton Auroch's Fjord @ AVI Ren FaireX    
6814Albion10-27-2007Day of the Dead - Crown Tournment @ Old Silver Bowl ParkX  X 
6847Albion11-10-2007Crown Event @ AVI Ren FaireX  X 
6841Albion11-11-2007Canton Auroch's Fjord Event @ AVI Ren FarieX  X 
8342Albion4-3-2009Old silver bowl parkX  X 
8532Albion8-22-2009Old Silver Bowl ParkX XX 
8796Adria10-9-2009Las Vegas, Imperial Steel Invational OCT 9-11X XX 
9393Albion3-20-2010Crown War at SBSP Las VegasX  X 
9499Albion4-24-2010Fools WarX  XX
10858Adria10-9-2011 National Steel Tourney Oct 5-9X X  
13180Albion9-27-2013Sept - WinchesterX  X 
13121Adria10-11-2013NST @ Sunset ParkX XXX
13740Umbria10-25-2013event@vingulfXX X 
13114Umbria10-26-2013Canton of VingulfX  X 
13181Albion10-27-2013WinchesterX  X 
13184Albion12-15-2013Henderson Convention CenterX    
13849Albion9-14-2014Estates Meeting @UNLVX    
13907Adria10-9-2014NST @ Sunset ParkX    
13889Adria10-10-2014NST @ Sunset ParkX    
13888Adria10-11-2014NST @ Sunset ParkX  X 
13948Adria10-12-2014NST @ Sunset ParkX  XX
14801Adria10-9-2015NSTX XX 
16412Adria10-13-2017I/NST at Sunset Park, Las VegasXXXXX
17239Adria10-12-2018IST @ Sunset ParkX  XX
TOTAL   34310269

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO


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