Event List for Padraig Silverhand Live

Event List for Padraig Silverhand


Date:  4-24-2024
Persona:   Padraig Silverhand
ID:  5966
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Var Heim
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
5158Alhambra8-19-2006Coronation - Elk, WAX    
5610Alhambra10-29-2006Silvervale, Vernon BC, CanadaX   X
5609Alhambra11-25-2006e-mail 06/11 - Silvervale, Vernon BC, CanadaXX   
5620Alhambra12-9-2006e-mail 06/11 - Silvervale, Vernon BC, CanadaX    
5594Alhambra1-28-2007Canton Silvervale, Vernon, BC CanadaX    
5595Alhambra2-25-2007Canton Silvervale, Vernon BC CanadaX   X
5606Alhambra3-31-2007Silvervale, Vernon BC, CanadaX    
5741Alhambra4-28-2007War@Silvervale, Osoyoos, BCX   X
5753Adria6-9-2007Imperial Border War Northwest @ Central Ferry Park WashingtonX    
5814Alhambra6-24-2007Canton of Silvervale, Vernon, BCX    
5873Alhambra7-14-2007Crown War @ Robinson Park- Moscow, IdahoX    
5851Alhambra7-21-2007Canton of Silvervale, Vernon, BC.X    
5931Alhambra9-8-2007Summerland Fall Faire @ Summerland, BCX   X
6787Alhambra9-22-2007Vernon BC Clan Challenge IIX   X
6783Alhambra12-8-2007Silent Knight - Northkeep- People's Place/Vernon BCX    
6799Alhambra1-19-2008Elk Washington-Alhambra 12th Night CelebrationX    
6886Alhambra1-26-2008Canton SilvervaleX    
6894Alhambra2-16-2008Silvervale Doctrina DiemX    
7041Alhambra3-29-2008Thomas Swann Affair @ Silvervale, BCX    
7068Alhambra4-19-2008Silvervale, Insurrection 2.X   X
7136Alhambra5-3-2008Silvervale, Mayday, Vernon BCX    
7189Adria5-24-2008Imperial Banner War NW @ Robinson State Park, Moscow, IdahoX    
7272Alhambra6-20-2008Arrow Making Class @ Vernon BCXX   
7245Alhambra6-21-2008Silvervale , Nomads Challenge.X    
7261Alhambra7-4-2008Battle Abbey /Crown War 2008@ Nine Miles Falls WAX    
7335Alhambra7-19-2008Kelowna, BC. SilvervaleX    
7359Alhambra8-16-2008Alhambra Jubilee-Grand Forks BCX    
7500Alhambra9-6-2008Summerland, BCX    
7519Alhambra9-20-2008Songtime Moon Event Grand Forks BC/AmoriumX    
7614Alhambra11-1-2008Silvervale (Kelowna), Day of the DeadX X  
7809Alhambra11-29-2008Silvervale Snow Wars and Tourney(Vernon BC)X    
7805Alhambra12-14-2008Silvervale Silent Knight II( Vernon, BC)X    
8037Alhambra1-24-2009Rhyno's Lair, SilvervaleX    
8228Alhambra4-25-2009Tourn yand War@Vernon, BC, ApocalypseXX   
8315Adria5-23-2009Banner War N.W. -X    
6492Alhambra5-30-2009Alhambra, Rhynos Lair SilvervaleXX   
6491Alhambra6-20-2009Pear Lake Nomads ChallengeXX   
8827Connacht8-1-2009Secret Squirrel, Clinton BC, CanadaX    
8817Connacht8-22-2009Insurrection 2.5, Grand forks, BCX   X
8829Connacht10-24-2009Connacht Estates meeting.X    
8814Connacht11-14-2009Snow Wars, Oyama BCXX   
8828Connacht12-13-2009Silent Knight, Vernon BC, CanadaX    
9476Connacht2-20-2010Monthly Tourney, Vernon, BCXX   
10984Adria2-20-2010Imperial New Years Tourney in ConnachtXX   
9452Connacht4-3-2010April Fools Shoot and Demo for Black Powder, Connacht(Merritt)X    
9554Connacht6-6-2010Oyama Fun Days, ConnachtX   X
9690Connacht6-19-2010The Tiny Pirate Adventure, Camp Coyote, Langley BCXX   
9691Connacht7-1-2010Annual Canada Day Demo, Polson Park, Vernon BCX   X
9692Connacht7-24-2010Ragnaroc War, Armstong, BC.X    
9694Connacht8-21-2010Insurrection 3, Grand Forks BCX    
9966Adria9-4-2010Imp. War @ ConnachtXX   
9695Connacht9-11-2010Summerland Fall Fair, Summerland, BC.X    
10292Connacht10-23-2010 4th Annual Anvil Arts and Archery, Nine Mile Falls WashingtonXX   
10293Connacht12-11-2010Silent Knight 3, vernon BC, lutheran hallX    
10309Connacht1-8-2011Arts collegiumX    
10301Connacht2-19-2011A Knight Out, Demo, Oyama Hall. Oyama,BC.X   X
10303Connacht3-19-2011Neverwinter Knights Tourney, Oyama Hall.X X  
10598Connacht4-23-2011April Fools Shoot and Demo for Black PowderX   X
10605Connacht5-14-2011Connacht Crown War and tourneyX    
10603Adria5-28-2011Imp B. W North@ ConnachtX    
10602Connacht6-5-2011Oyama Family Fun Day Fair. X   X
10774Connacht7-1-2011Canada Day Demo Polson ParkX    
10773Connacht8-14-2011Apocalypse War, Rhynos LairX    
10779Connacht8-20-2011Camelot winery demo IIX    
10810Adria9-3-2011Imp. Crown War north@ConnachtXX   
10945Connacht10-22-2011Day of the Dead, Westside.X   X
11106Adria11-30-2011Imp. Ministers EP'sX    
10935Connacht12-10-2011Silent Knight IV X    
10938Connacht1-14-2012Arts Symposium, VernonX    
10939Connacht3-24-2012Triskel Tournament, OyamaX    
10940Connacht5-6-2012Oyama Family Fun DayXX   
10943Connacht7-1-2012Canada Day Demo, VernonX    
11959Connacht7-28-2012Amorium War and Coronation, Grand Forks.X    
11958Connacht8-18-2012Tiny Pirate Adventure, Coyote Creek.X    
12015Connacht12-15-2012silent knight 4X    
11228Connacht4-27-2013Secret Squirrel Shoot, Merritt BCXX   
13730Connacht5-4-2013crown war, hovegardenXX   
13145Connacht5-25-2013Banner War @ ConnachtX    
12851Connacht7-1-2013Connacht Canada Day demo, SilvervaleX   X
13025Connacht9-14-2013Summerland Fall Fair Hovgarden CantonX   X
13306Connacht10-26-2013Day of the Dead - Glendalough, LavingtonXX   
13721Connacht11-23-2013Arts Symposium HovegardenX X X
13301Connacht1-19-2014Tournament of the New Year, Glendalough, Winfield.X    
13925Connacht2-28-20142014 Feb Connacht ministryX   X
13701Connacht3-29-2014Green Arrows Challenge, Hovegarden Connacht.X    
13922Connacht3-31-2014March 2014 Connacht Ministry X   X
13699Connacht4-26-2014Artemis vs Apollo, Hovegarden Connacht.X    
13923Connacht4-30-2014April 2014 Ministry ConnachtX   X
13772Adria5-23-2014Connacht - Summerland B CX    
13924Connacht5-31-2014May 2014 Connacht ministry X   X
13717Connacht6-28-2014Boar War HovegardenX    
13920Connacht6-30-2014Connacht June Monthly MinistryX   X
13940Var Heim7-25-2014Amorium, Grand ForksX    
13943Var Heim8-29-2014Imperial Crown War, Joe RichX    
13944Var Heim10-5-2014Day of the Dead - S'landX    
13999Var Heim11-22-2014King's Landing, SummerlandX   X
14031Var Heim12-6-2014King's Landing, SummerlandX    
14151Var Heim1-31-2015Summerland, King's LandingX    
14223Var Heim2-22-2015King's Landing, SummerlandX    
14224Var Heim3-22-2015King's LandingX    
14350Var Heim4-25-2015MerrittXX   
14365Var Heim5-23-2015SummerlandX    
14561Var Heim8-8-2015Camelot WineryX X  
14612Adria9-5-2015ICW Canada 2015X   X
14698Var Heim10-24-2015SummerlandX    
14717Var Heim11-21-2015King's Landing, SummerlandX    
14727Var Heim11-28-2015Saxon WineryX    
14728Var Heim12-5-2015King's Landing, SummerlandX    
14940Var Heim1-30-2016SummerlandX    
15032Var Heim2-27-2016King's Landing, SummerlandX  X 
15107Var Heim3-26-2016King's Landing SummerlandX    
15185Var Heim4-16-2016King's LandingX    
15238Adria5-28-2016King's Landing SummerlandX    
15417Var Heim7-6-2016Amorium Grand ForksX    
15389Var Heim7-23-2016Camelot Winery, KelownaX X X
15443Var Heim8-20-2016SummerlandX    
15467Var Heim9-2-2016Joe RichX    
15466Adria9-3-2016ICW Canada - Joe RichX    
15603Var Heim10-22-2016King's LandingX    
15640Var Heim11-5-2016Saxon Winery, SummerlandX   X
15671Var Heim11-19-2016King's Landing, SummerlandX   X
15673Var Heim12-3-2016King's LandingX   X
15966Var Heim4-15-2017King's LandingX   X
16037Var Heim5-5-2017Summerland Middle SchoolX   X
16090Var Heim5-21-2017King's LandingX   X
16112Adria5-27-2017Imperial SW Banner War and Tournament 2017X    
15980Var Heim6-17-2017MerrittX   X
16271Var Heim8-12-2017Camelot Winery, KelownaX   X
16412Adria10-13-2017I/NST at Sunset Park, Las VegasXX   
16387Var Heim10-21-2017King's LandingX   X
16430Var Heim11-5-2017Saxon WineryX  XX
16467Var Heim12-2-2017King's LandingX   X
16566Var Heim1-27-2018King's LandingX   X
16705Var Heim2-28-2018King's LandingX    
16706Var Heim4-1-2018King's LandingX    
16951Var Heim6-19-2018MerrittX   X
16999Var Heim7-7-2018King's LandingX    
17089Var Heim8-11-2018Camelot Winery DemoX X X
17162Adria9-1-2018Imp crown war-Kings LandingX    
17163Var Heim9-1-2018monthly tournamentX    
17239Adria10-12-2018IST @ Sunset ParkX   X
17191Var Heim11-7-2018Saxon Winery Demonstration, SummerlandX  X 
17648Var Heim8-17-2019Camelot Winery Demo (10th year) KelownaX   X
17760Var Heim11-3-2019Saxon WineryX   X
TOTAL   146186341

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO


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