Robe Details for Dame Makenzie Rose Live

Robe Details for Dame Makenzie Rose


Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:  Dame Makenzie Rose
ID:  6278
Expires:  4-1-2025
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationJourEPJourTWKniEPKniTWMWorkWarDemo
7076Albion4-27-2008Auroch's Fjord Canton Event1100000
7280Albion6-29-2008Strawberry War at Auroch's Fjord 0011110
9387Albion10-18-2009Canton of Aurochsfjord0000001
9383Albion2-27-2010Canton of Aurochsfjord, Bullhead City1100100
9797Albion8-28-2010Ferrogallic Ink class@Canton of Aurochsfjord0000001
9800Albion8-28-2010Feather Quill class@Canton of Aurochsfjord0000001
9803Albion8-28-2010Runemal Class@Canton of Aurochsfjord0000001
9805Albion8-28-2010Bellydancing class@Canton of Aurochsfjord0000001
9806Albion8-28-2010Nalabinding class@Canton of Aurochsfjord0000001
9945Albion10-21-2010Bullhead City, Chamber Park0010000
10161Albion1-29-2011 Canton Aurch'sfjord Double "Blankets for kids run"0010000
11367Auroch's Fjord3-31-2012"Go Fish" War and Tourney at Bullhead City0010010
11751Auroch's Fjord6-23-2012Wood Turning Basics Class0000001
12024Auroch's Fjord8-25-2012Tourney & Demo0000001
12636Auroch's Fjord10-5-2012Las Vagas,NV (Demo Held at La Troupe site)0000002
12503Auroch's Fjord3-23-2013War for March Boys against the Girls 0010010
12647Auroch's Fjord5-29-2013Mohave Valley Elem. School Fort0000001
13948Adria10-12-2014NST @ Sunset Park0000001
15247Auroch's Fjord4-15-2016Coyote Canyon School Demo0000001
15572Auroch's Fjord8-20-2016Princess Bride Double Event (Aug)0010000
TOTAL   22612313


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