Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:  Dame Makenzie Rose
ID:  6278
Expires:  4-1-2025
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
3904Albion2-26-2006Canton on the River @ Bullhead Community Park1000
5402Albion5-6-2006S. Canton - Demo0010
5407Albion2-25-2007S. Canton - Bullhead City, AZ1000
5791Albion4-28-2007Auroch's Fyord Canton1000
5792Albion5-5-2007Auroch's Fyord Canton Event & Run for Life Demo1000
5813Albion6-24-2007Auroch's Fjord - Bullhead City, AZ1000
6847Albion11-10-2007Crown Event @ AVI Ren Faire1000
7280Albion6-29-2008Strawberry War at Auroch's Fjord 1100
7320Albion7-27-2008Paperwork Collegium @ Canton on The River, Bullhead City, AZ0010
7672Albion11-21-2008Bullhead City1000
7883Albion1-25-2009Canton of Aurochsfyord0010
8460Albion6-28-2009Strawberry War at Canton of Aurochsfjord1100
8926Albion11-14-2009Kingdom by the River Renn 1010
9508Albion4-17-2010Canton ofAurochs Ford/Bullhead City1000
9802Albion8-28-2010Ropemaking Class@canton of Aurochsfjord0010
9945Albion10-21-2010Bullhead City, Chamber Park0010
10015Albion11-12-2010Needles Ca, Jack Smith Park0010
10253Albion2-26-2011Bullhead City Rotar park1000
10435Albion3-31-2011Needles,Ca 1000
10436Albion4-30-2011Needles Ca.1000
10539Albion5-28-2011Sea Battle @ Bullhead City Az Park1000
10600Albion6-25-2011Desert War at Canton of aurochsfjord1100
10873Albion9-21-2011Hardyville Days special Event at Bullhead City Chamber Park1010
10880Albion10-28-2011Hardyville days special event at Bullhead city chamber park1010
11148Auroch's Fjord12-17-2011Sir Thron's Range Fort Mohave, Az1000
11166Auroch's Fjord12-31-2011Yule TimeX000
11150Auroch's Fjord1-21-2012Sir Thon's Range Fort Mohave Az1000
11167Auroch's Fjord1-28-2012My Favorite Things in Bullhead city parkX011
11367Auroch's Fjord3-31-2012"Go Fish" War and Tourney at Bullhead City1100
11462Auroch's Fjord4-21-2012Collegium on Arts0010
11464Auroch's Fjord4-21-2012 Ribbons and Flowers Tourney1000
11719Auroch's Fjord5-16-2012Mohave Valley School Demo0011
11554Auroch's Fjord5-19-2012Sir Thorn's range and Rotary park1000
11928Auroch's Fjord5-31-20123 months of service.0001
12024Auroch's Fjord8-25-2012Tourney & Demo1001
12026Auroch's Fjord9-29-2012Park Needles, Ca.1010
12636Auroch's Fjord10-5-2012Las Vagas,NV (Demo Held at La Troupe site)0020
12482Adria10-7-2012National Steet Tourney & Demo 0010
12111Auroch's Fjord10-20-2012Tourney for October Field Coranation for Duke and Duchess1000
12112Auroch's Fjord10-20-2012War All Saints October war 0100
12258Auroch's Fjord12-15-2012Yule Feast held at 3 Feather Marsal Arts Building1010
12647Auroch's Fjord5-29-2013Mohave Valley Elem. School Fort0011
13888Adria10-11-2014NST @ Sunset Park1000
13948Adria10-12-2014NST @ Sunset Park1010
14048Auroch's Fjord11-22-2014Bullhead, AZ0010
14049Auroch's Fjord11-22-2014Bullhead, AZ1100
14583Auroch's Fjord5-6-2015Bullhead, AZ0001
15438Auroch's Fjord6-18-2016AF Monthly Estates Meeting1000
16419Auroch's Fjord7-22-2017Summer Survior- July Make-Up1000
17239Adria10-12-2018IST @ Sunset Park1000
TOTAL   346206