Ministry Details for Lady Emily Silverhand Live

Ministry Details for Lady Emily Silverhand


Date:  11-30-2023
Persona:  Lady Emily Silverhand
ID:  7117
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Var Heim
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
7347Alhambra8-31-2008Monthly Ministry Points August 20081000
8315Adria5-23-2009Banner War N.W. -1100
9554Connacht6-6-2010Oyama Fun Days, Connacht0010
10301Connacht2-19-2011A Knight Out, Demo, Oyama Hall. Oyama,BC.0010
10598Connacht4-23-2011April Fools Shoot and Demo for Black Powder1000
10602Connacht6-5-2011Oyama Family Fun Day Fair. 0010
10945Connacht10-22-2011Day of the Dead, Westside.0010
12851Connacht7-1-2013Connacht Canada Day demo, Silvervale0010
13025Connacht9-14-2013Summerland Fall Fair Hovgarden Canton0010
13307Connacht12-16-2013Silent Knight - Glendalough, Winfield1000
13999Var Heim11-22-2014King's Landing, Summerland1000
14561Var Heim8-8-2015Camelot Winery0010
14612Adria9-5-2015ICW Canada 20151100
15417Var Heim7-6-2016Amorium Grand Forks1000
15389Var Heim7-23-2016Camelot Winery, Kelowna0010
15443Var Heim8-20-2016Summerland0010
15466Adria9-3-2016ICW Canada - Joe Rich1100
15603Var Heim10-22-2016King's Landing1000
15673Var Heim12-3-2016King's Landing1000
15966Var Heim4-15-2017King's Landing1000
16090Var Heim5-21-2017King's Landing1000
15980Var Heim6-17-2017Merritt1000
16271Var Heim8-12-2017Camelot Winery, Kelowna0010
16387Var Heim10-21-2017King's Landing1000
16430Var Heim11-5-2017Saxon Winery0010
16451Var Heim11-18-2017King's Landing, Summerland1000
16467Var Heim12-2-2017King's Landing1000
16951Var Heim6-19-2018Merritt1000
16999Var Heim7-7-2018King's Landing1000
17089Var Heim8-11-2018Camelot Winery Demo0010
17239Adria10-12-2018IST @ Sunset Park0010
17172Var Heim10-20-2018King's Landing1000
17474Var Heim5-1-2019Summerland Middle School0010
17648Var Heim8-17-2019Camelot Winery Demo (10th year) Kelowna0010
17755Var Heim10-19-2019Kings Landing1000
17760Var Heim11-3-2019Saxon Winery0010
TOTAL   214160


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