Event List for Lord Draco Darkfire Live

Event List for Lord Draco Darkfire


Date:  6-14-2024
Persona:  Lord Draco Darkfire
ID:  7397
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
8531Roanoke8-25-2009Keuterville, IdahoX XXX
8657Roanoke9-19-2009Roanoke Kalispell-MontanaX  X 
8766Roanoke10-24-2009Keuterville, Idaho Holy Cross Church HallX  XX
8869Roanoke11-14-2009Kalispell, MontanaX  XX
8935Roanoke12-12-2009Keuterville, IdahoXX XX
8936Roanoke1-9-2010Keuterville, IdahoXX XX
9472Roanoke5-1-2010Keuterville, Idaho (Ducal War and Monthly Tournament)XXXXX
9595Roanoke6-26-2010Kalispell, MontanaXX XX
9679Roanoke7-23-2010Kalispell, MontanaXXXXX
9881Roanoke8-31-2010Kalispell, MontanaXX XX
9882Roanoke9-25-2010Frost Giants Tourney Kalispell MontanaXX X 
9947Roanoke10-23-2010Wild Hunt (Crown War) Kalispell, MontanaXX XX
10129Roanoke1-22-2011Feast of the Epiphany Keuterville IdahoXX XX
10579Roanoke5-31-2011Duchy of Roanoke-Kalispell MontanaXX XX
10601Roanoke6-25-2011June Mid Summer Tourney Kalispell XX XX
10675Roanoke7-16-2011Crown Event & Class Archey in BattleXX X 
10676Roanoke7-31-2011Monthly Minister Points July 2011X   X
10738Roanoke8-13-2011A&S Collegium & TourneyXXX  
10820Roanoke8-31-2011Monthly Ministry Points Aug 2011X   X
10805Adria9-3-2011NW Imperial Crown WarXX  X
10868Roanoke9-24-2011Autumn Tourney Kalispell XXX  
10821Roanoke9-30-2011Monthly Ministry Points Sept 2011X   X
TOTAL   221551617

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO

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