Event List for Bolverk Live

Event List for Bolverk


Date:  3-23-2023
Persona:   Bolverk
ID:  7504
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Var Heim
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
8829Connacht10-24-2009Connacht Estates meeting.X   X
8828Connacht12-13-2009Silent Knight, Vernon BC, CanadaXXXXX
9071Connacht1-23-2010Arts Symposium, Oyama, BCX XXX
9477Connacht1-23-2010Connacht Make up archery, Oyama BCXX   
9476Connacht2-20-2010Monthly Tourney, Vernon, BCXX X 
10984Adria2-20-2010Imperial New Years Tourney in ConnachtXX X 
9454Connacht3-20-2010NeverWinter Knights, Connacht, (oyama)XX X 
9451Connacht4-24-2010Apocalypse War and Tourney, Connacht (Oyama)XX X 
9453Connacht5-15-2010Tourney of the Green Knight Connacht (Kelowna)XXXX 
9554Connacht6-6-2010Oyama Fun Days, ConnachtXX XX
9691Connacht7-1-2010Annual Canada Day Demo, Polson Park, Vernon BCXXXXX
9966Adria9-4-2010Imp. War @ ConnachtXX X 
10309Connacht1-8-2011Arts collegiumX XXX
10301Connacht2-19-2011A Knight Out, Demo, Oyama Hall. Oyama,BC.X    
10605Connacht5-14-2011Connacht Crown War and tourneyXX XX
10774Connacht7-1-2011Canada Day Demo Polson ParkX  XX
13715Connacht2-9-2013medieval madness 2X  XX
12018Connacht3-24-2013Connacht Estates Meeting March 2013X   X
13025Connacht9-14-2013Summerland Fall Fair Hovgarden CantonX XXX
13306Connacht10-26-2013Day of the Dead - Glendalough, LavingtonXX   
13929Connacht10-31-2013Connacht Ministries report October 2013X    
13721Connacht11-23-2013Arts Symposium HovegardenX X X
13928Connacht11-30-2013November 2013 Monthly ministryX   X
13307Connacht12-16-2013Silent Knight - Glendalough, WinfieldXX XX
13927Connacht12-31-2013December 2013 monthly ministry connachtX    
13926Connacht1-31-2014Connacht monthly ministry Jan 2014X   X
13925Connacht2-28-20142014 Feb Connacht ministryX   X
13701Connacht3-29-2014Green Arrows Challenge, Hovegarden Connacht.XX XX
13922Connacht3-31-2014March 2014 Connacht Ministry X   X
13923Connacht4-30-2014April 2014 Ministry ConnachtX   X
13924Connacht5-31-2014May 2014 Connacht ministry X   X
13920Connacht6-30-2014Connacht June Monthly MinistryX   X
13942Var Heim10-19-2014Estate meeting - Day of the Dead, VarHeimX   X
15107Var Heim3-26-2016King's Landing SummerlandXXX X
15185Var Heim4-16-2016King's LandingXX  X
15238Adria5-28-2016King's Landing SummerlandXX XX
15239Adria5-28-2016Imperial Challenge Canada Banner WarXX   
15283Var Heim5-28-2016At Banner War CanadaXX   
15756Var Heim6-30-2016King's landingX   X
15974Var Heim6-30-2016Monthly Ministry pointsX   X
15757Var Heim7-31-2016King's LandingX   X
15975Var Heim7-31-2016Monthly Ministry reportsX   X
TOTAL   432091930

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO

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