Event List for Malyk Corsar Live

Event List for Malyk Corsar


Date:  6-24-2024
Persona:   Malyk Corsar
ID:  7508
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
8827Connacht8-1-2009Secret Squirrel, Clinton BC, CanadaXX X 
8817Connacht8-22-2009Insurrection 2.5, Grand forks, BCXX X 
8815Connacht10-17-2009Day of the Dead, Westbank BCXX   
9452Connacht4-3-2010April Fools Shoot and Demo for Black Powder, Connacht(Merritt)XX  X
9453Connacht5-15-2010Tourney of the Green Knight Connacht (Kelowna)XXXX 
9690Connacht6-19-2010The Tiny Pirate Adventure, Camp Coyote, Langley BCXX XX
9966Adria9-4-2010Imp. War @ ConnachtXX XX
10598Connacht4-23-2011April Fools Shoot and Demo for Black PowderXX XX
10780Connacht6-11-2011Wolfgang Tourney, Cedar Creek VernonXXX  
10774Connacht7-1-2011Canada Day Demo Polson ParkXX X 
10781Connacht7-23-2011Amorium tourney, grand forks.XXX  
10946Connacht10-8-2011Anvil Arts and Archery 4X  XX
10928Connacht11-30-2011Monthly Ministry November 2011X   X
10929Connacht12-31-2011Monthly Ministry December 2011X   X
10930Connacht1-31-2012Monthly Ministry January 2012X   X
11230Connacht2-29-2012Connacht Monthly Ministry Feb 2012X   X
10932Connacht3-31-2012Monthly Ministry March 2012X   X
10933Connacht4-30-2012Monthly Ministry April 2012X   X
11794Adria5-26-2012Imp. Banner War ~ CanadaXX X 
10934Connacht5-31-2012Monthly Ministry May 2012X   X
10941Connacht6-9-2012The Boar War, VernonX  XX
11957Connacht6-10-2012Monthly Ministry June 2012X   X
10943Connacht7-1-2012Canada Day Demo, VernonXXXXX
12010Connacht7-31-2012Monthly ministry July 2012X   X
11958Connacht8-18-2012Tiny Pirate Adventure, Coyote Creek.XXX X
12011Connacht8-31-2012Montlhy Ministry August 2012X   X
12012Connacht9-30-2012Connacht Ministry September 2012.X    
12013Connacht10-31-2012Connacht Ministry October 2012X   X
13937Connacht12-1-2012December 2012 monthly ministryX   X
13730Connacht5-4-2013crown war, hovegardenXX X 
13703Connacht5-18-2013Rathvilly tourneyX  X 
13012Connacht9-22-2013Pirate Tinys Tiny Pirate Adventure, RathvillyX XX 
13929Connacht10-31-2013Connacht Ministries report October 2013X   X
13928Connacht11-30-2013November 2013 Monthly ministryX   X
13927Connacht12-31-2013December 2013 monthly ministry connachtX    
13926Connacht1-31-2014Connacht monthly ministry Jan 2014X   X
13925Connacht2-28-20142014 Feb Connacht ministryX   X
13922Connacht3-31-2014March 2014 Connacht Ministry X   X
13923Connacht4-30-2014April 2014 Ministry ConnachtX   X
13560Connacht5-17-2014Queens Tourney Rathvilly(surrey) ConnachtX XXX
13772Adria5-23-2014Connacht - Summerland B CXX XX
13716Connacht5-24-2014archery makeup tourney for Rathvilly at Imp Banner War 2014XX   
13924Connacht5-31-2014May 2014 Connacht ministry X   X
13920Connacht6-30-2014Connacht June Monthly MinistryX   X
14345Var Heim3-31-2015monthly ministry MarchX   X
14365Var Heim5-23-2015SummerlandXXXX 
14471Var Heim6-27-2015SummerlandXXX  
14577Var Heim6-30-2015June MinistryX   X
14578Var Heim7-31-2015July Minister and Estate holderX   X
14561Var Heim8-8-2015Camelot WineryX XXX
14612Adria9-5-2015ICW Canada 2015XX XX
14697Var Heim9-30-2015Sept MinistryX   X
14698Var Heim10-24-2015SummerlandXX X 
14700Var Heim10-31-2015SummerlandX   X
14863Var Heim11-30-2015Nov ministry King's Landing, SummerlandX   X
14864Var Heim12-31-2015King's Landing, SummerlandX   X
14983Var Heim1-31-2016Monthly Ministry ReportX   X
15107Var Heim3-26-2016King's Landing SummerlandX   X
15238Adria5-28-2016King's Landing SummerlandXX XX
15283Var Heim5-28-2016At Banner War CanadaXX   
15308Var Heim6-25-2016Three Forks Rd, KelownaXX XX
15389Var Heim7-23-2016Camelot Winery, KelownaX  XX
15443Var Heim8-20-2016SummerlandX  XX
15603Var Heim10-22-2016King's LandingXX  X
15671Var Heim11-19-2016King's Landing, SummerlandXXXX 
15673Var Heim12-3-2016King's LandingXX  X
15780Var Heim1-28-2017King"s LandingXX X 
15883Var Heim3-18-2017King's LandingXX   
15966Var Heim4-15-2017King's LandingXXX X
16037Var Heim5-5-2017Summerland Middle SchoolX XXX
16090Var Heim5-21-2017King's LandingX  XX
16394Adria5-31-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16164Fortriu6-3-2017HrafnlundXXX X
15980Var Heim6-17-2017MerrittXX X 
16395Adria6-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16206Var Heim7-8-2017Rock CreekXXX  
16396Adria7-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16309Var Heim7-31-2017King's LandingX    
16271Var Heim8-12-2017Camelot Winery, KelownaX XXX
16397Adria8-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16321Var Heim8-31-2017King's LandingX    
16310Var Heim9-2-2017King's Landing-September WarXX XX
16398Adria9-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16387Var Heim10-21-2017King's LandingXX X 
16405Var Heim10-22-2017SummerlandX    
16451Var Heim11-18-2017King's Landing, SummerlandXXXX 
16845Adria11-30-2017Monthly Crown pointsX   X
16467Var Heim12-2-2017King's LandingX    
16846Adria12-31-2017Monthly Crown PointsX   X
16566Var Heim1-27-2018King's LandingXX X 
16567Var Heim1-27-2018Imperial ChallengeXX   
16847Adria1-31-2018Monthly Crown pointsX   X
16704Var Heim2-28-2018Imperial ChallengeXX   
16705Var Heim2-28-2018King's LandingXX   
16848Adria2-28-2018monthly crown pointsX   X
16707Var Heim3-31-2018Imperial ChallengeXX   
16849Adria3-31-2018monthly crown pointsX   X
16706Var Heim4-1-2018King's LandingXX   
16850Adria4-30-2018monthly crown pointsX   X
14063Adria5-31-2018monthy crown epX   X
16951Var Heim6-19-2018MerrittXX X 
16999Var Heim7-7-2018King's LandingXX X 
17089Var Heim8-11-2018Camelot Winery DemoX  X 
17162Adria9-1-2018Imp crown war-Kings LandingXX X 
17163Var Heim9-1-2018monthly tournamentXX   
17172Var Heim10-20-2018King's LandingXX X 
17260Var Heim11-17-2018SymposiumXXX  
17934Adria11-30-2018Monthly crown epsX   X
17309Var Heim1-12-2019King's LandingXX   
17700Var Heim2-9-2019Feb Crown make upXX   
17369Var Heim3-9-2019March Madness - King's LandingXX   
17461Var Heim4-19-2019King's LandingXX   
17516Var Heim5-18-2019King's LandingXXX X
17565Var Heim6-23-2019King's LandingXX   
17648Var Heim8-17-2019Camelot Winery Demo (10th year) KelownaX XXX
17755Var Heim10-19-2019Kings LandingX    
TOTAL   11654204068

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO


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