Ministry Details for Niah Live

Ministry Details for Niah


Date:  7-21-2024
Persona:   Niah
ID:  7802
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Stonehaven
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
9842Brunico8-21-2010War in Washtucna, WA0100
10217Brunico10-31-2010Central Church, Richland, WA1000
10218Brunico11-6-2010Central Church, Richland, WA1000
10314Brunico12-31-2010Hansen Park, Kennewick1000
10438Brunico4-9-2011Hansen Park, Kennewick1100
10531Gloucester5-6-2011Rowe Middle School Demo0010
10541Adria5-28-2011NW Imperial Banner War & Tourney1100
10841Brunico6-17-2011Demo@Prosser Scottish Fest0010
10887Brunico8-14-2011Aug Crown Event1000
11208Brunico9-30-2011September Make-up1000
11206Brunico10-2-2011October Crown Tournament1000
11210Brunico11-30-2011November make-up & Class Equipment maintenance repair.1000
11211Brunico12-11-2011Crown Tourney & Class Fencing Basics & Safety1000
11487Brunico3-25-2012Brunico March Estates Meeting1000
11560Brunico3-31-2012Minister & Estate Holder Participation Report.X000
TOTAL   11320

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