Event List for Dame Brigid Guildeforge Live

Event List for Dame Brigid Guildeforge


Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:  Dame Brigid Guildeforge
ID:  8191
Expires:  4-1-2025
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
11115Esperance12-17-2011Canton Isenwold - Art Judging CollegiaX   X
11144Adria1-21-2012Best in the West Imperial Tournament, Canyon RV, AnaheimX   X
11356Esperance2-18-2012Canton Isenwold Keep - Eva Dell Park, Victorville, CAX   X
11500Esperance3-17-2012Canton Isenwold Keep Event @ Eva Dell Park, VictorvilleX    
11453Esperance4-21-2012Canton Event @ Eva Dell Park, Victorville, X   X
11456Esperance4-21-2012Collegia - Arrow Making - Canton Isenwold KeepXX   
11587Esperance5-19-2012Canton Isenwold Keep @ Eva Dell Park, Victorville CAX   X
11559Adria5-28-2012Imperial Banner War South WestX   X
11854Esperance7-21-2012Canton Isenwold Keep @ Eva Dell ParkXX  X
12539Esperance8-4-2012Canton Isenwold - Collegia on Advanced EmbroideryX X  
13406Esperance8-4-2012Canton Isenwold - Collegia on Immediate EmbroideryX X  
11851Esperance8-18-2012Canton Isenwold KeepXX  X
11996Esperance8-19-2012Canton Isenwold - Intermediate BrewingX X  
13407Esperance8-19-2012Canton Isenwold - Collegia on Court EtiquetteX   X
12022Esperance9-15-2012Canton Isenwold Keep @ Eve Dell ParkXX XX
12482Adria10-7-2012National Steet Tourney & Demo X X X
12203Esperance10-20-2012Canton Tortuga, VictorvilleXX XX
13409Esperance10-21-2012Canton Tortuga Collegia - Advanced BrewingX X  
12207Esperance11-17-2012Canton Tortuga, VictorvilleXX XX
12384Esperance12-15-2012Canton Tortuga, VictorvilleXX XX
12666Esperance1-19-2013Canton TortugaXX XX
12538Esperance2-16-2013Canton TortugaX    
12543Esperance3-16-2013Canton Tortuga @ Eva Dell ParkXX XX
12544Esperance4-20-2013Canton Tortuga @ Eva Dell ParkXX XX
12892Esperance5-18-2013Canton TortugaXX XX
12569Adria5-26-2013Imperial Banner War South West @ Canyon RV Anaheim Hills.XX  X
12890Esperance6-15-2013Canton Tortuga, VictorvilleXX XX
12893Esperance7-20-2013Canton Tortuga, VictorvilleXX XX
13023Esperance8-17-2013Canton Tortuga - VictorvilleXX XX
13024Esperance9-21-2013Kingdom and Canton Tortuga Combined Event, VictorvilleXX XX
13190Esperance11-16-2013Canton Tortuga Tournament @ Eva Del ParkXX XX
13194Esperance12-21-2013Canton Tortuga at Eva Dell ParkXX XX
13319Esperance1-18-2014Canton Tortuga @ Eva Dell ParkXX XX
13382Esperance2-15-2014Canton Torguga Anniversary TournamentXX XX
13383Esperance3-14-2014Canton Tortuga Ranchero Middle SchoolXX XX
13533Esperance5-17-2014Canton Tortuga at Eva Dell Park, VictorvilleXX XX
13680Adria5-24-2014Banner War SW 2014 - Featherly ParkXX XX
13651Esperance6-21-2014Canton Tortuga at Eva Dell Park, VictorvilleXX XX
13831Esperance7-19-2014Tortuga @ Eva Dell ParkXX XX
13830Esperance8-16-2014Tortuga @ Eva Del Park XX XX
14084Esperance9-20-2014Canton of Tortuga @ Eva Dell ParkXX  X
13907Adria10-9-2014NST @ Sunset ParkX    
13889Adria10-10-2014NST @ Sunset ParkX    
13888Adria10-11-2014NST @ Sunset ParkX   X
13948Adria10-12-2014NST @ Sunset ParkX   X
14082Esperance10-18-2014Canton Tortuga at Eva Dell Park, VictorvilleXX XX
14083Esperance11-15-2014Canton Tortuga @ Eva Dell Park, VictorvilleXX XX
14436Esperance12-20-2014Canton of TortugaXX XX
14437Esperance1-17-2015Canton of TortugaXX XX
14217Esperance2-14-2015Blue Rose Collegia Weekend @ Canyon R/V, AnaheimX    
14226Esperance2-14-2015Introduction to Short Staff of Palus Hector Mair @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/X  X 
14228Esperance2-14-2015Meyer Longsword 1 @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/V, AnaheimX  X 
14229Esperance2-14-2015Agrippa 1 @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/V, AnaheimX  X 
14230Esperance2-14-2015Rawling Swords @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/V, AnaheimX  X 
14221Esperance2-15-2015Arts as an Artisan @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/V, AnaheimX X  
14231Esperance2-15-2015Meyer Longsword 2 @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/V, AnaheimX  X 
14232Esperance2-15-2015Agrippa's Rotella @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/V, AnaheimX  X 
14233Esperance2-15-2015Marshalling Collegium @ Blue Rose Collegia, Canyon R/V, AnaheimX   X
14435Esperance3-6-2015Ranchero Middle School DemoXX XX
14442Terre Neuve3-21-2015Featherly ParkX   X
14513Esperance4-11-2015Crown WarXX XX
14368Adria5-24-2015SW Banner War Featherly ParkXX  X
14478Esperance6-13-2015Tournament of the ShiedXX  X
14574Esperance7-11-2015Canyon RV parkXX XX
14511Esperance7-12-2015 XX X 
14600Esperance7-18-2015Eva Dell ParkXX XX
14575Esperance8-8-2015Canyon RV parkXX XX
14601Esperance8-15-2015Canton of Tortuga - Eva Dell ParkXX XX
14766Umbria8-15-2015Kingdom Tournament @ El OsoX  X 
14643Adria9-5-2015Featherly Park - SW Imp WarX   X
14714Esperance9-12-2015Canyon RV ParkXX XX
14767Umbria9-20-2015Kingdom Tournament @ El Oso parkX  X 
14801Adria10-9-2015NSTX   X
14716Esperance10-10-2015Kingdom eventXX  X
14715Esperance11-14-2015Kingdom eventXX  X
14745Esperance12-12-2015Canyon RV ParkXX XX
15052Esperance12-19-2015Canton of Tortuga - Eva Dell ParkXX XX
15053Esperance1-16-2016Canton of Tortuga - Dva Dell ParkXX XX
15054Esperance2-20-2016Canton of Tortuga - Eva Dell ParkXX XX
15270Esperance2-20-2016Imp ChallengeXX   
15113Adria3-19-2016IEM Las VegasX   X
15125Esperance4-1-2016Ranchero Middle SchoolXX XX
15371Esperance4-9-2016Canyon RV ParkXX XX
15373Esperance4-10-2016Canyon RV ParkXX XX
15372Esperance4-22-2016MacArthur Intermediate School, Santa Ana, CAXXXXX
15323Terre Neuve4-30-20162016 Coronation FeastX   X
15374Esperance5-15-2016Canyon RV ParkXX XX
15288Adria5-28-2016SW Banner War 2016X   X
15377Esperance6-11-2016Canyon RV ParkX  XX
15378Esperance6-11-2016Canyon RV ParkXX  X
15379Esperance7-9-2016Canyon RV ParkXX XX
15663Adria10-7-2016NST Las Vegas Ren Faire 2016X   X
16112Adria5-27-2017Imperial SW Banner War and Tournament 2017XX  X
16111Adria5-28-2017SW Banner War Imperial ChallengeX    
16319Adria9-1-2017Imperial SW Crown War and Tournament 2017X   X
16461Esperance10-14-2017canyon rv parkXX   
16418Esperance10-28-2017HalloweenEvent and ministry points canyon rv parkX   X
16429Auroch's Fjord11-4-2017Imperial CoranationX    
16462Esperance11-11-2017canyon rv parkXX  X
16872Adria5-26-2018Southwest Banner WarXX  X
17125Adria9-1-2018SWCW, Featherly ParkX   X
17580Adria5-25-2019SWBWX   X
17581Adria5-26-2019Imperial Challenge, SWX   X
17668Adria8-31-2019SWCW @ Canyon RV ParkXX  X
18321Adria7-31-2021zoom - Arts JudgingX X  
TOTAL   1056085380

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO


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