Date:  6-23-2024
Persona:  Sir Gerrit Van Gelder
ID:  8353
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationBowmEPBowmTWHuntEPHuntTWWarDemo
11713Albion8-3-2012Archery Tournament # 2 for Saint Augustine's War held 7-7-2012110010
12125Albion9-8-2012Monthly Crown Event100000
12388Albion2-16-2013Hearts and Honor001000
13607Albion8-24-2013Las Vegas001000
12863Adria8-31-2013Inperial Crown War South West 2013; Canyon RV, Anaheim Hills, CA001010
13180Albion9-27-2013Sept - Winchester001000
13182Albion11-9-2013Old Silver Bowl Park001000
13326Albion2-22-2014Monthly event at Winchester001000
14859Umbria3-15-2014Canton of Vingulf - Tournament00X000
13375Albion3-16-2014Winchester Park/OSB00X100
13428Albion4-4-2014BC Faire @ Veterans park000001
13415Albion4-5-2014Fools War @Veterans Park000010
13414Albion4-6-2014Boulder City Faire @ Veterans Park000001
13462Albion4-25-2014Pirate fest @ Lorenzi Park000001
13459Albion4-26-2014Pirate Fest @ Lorenzi Park000001
13460Albion4-27-2014Pirate Fest @ Lorenzi Park000001
13498Albion5-3-2014May Event @ OSB and Molasky Park001000
13609Albion6-20-2014Winchester Park001000
13856Adria8-30-2014ICW at Albion @ OSB001010
13889Adria10-10-2014NST @ Sunset Park001000
13888Adria10-11-2014NST @ Sunset Park001000
13968Albion10-25-2014Day of the Dead @ OSB001000
14092Glynmore11-23-2014Crown War & Tourney001110
14079Glynmore12-1-2014Dec event make up at January Tourney001100
14077Glynmore1-10-2015Glynmore @ OSB Park001100
14238Glynmore3-7-2015OSB-Chess Event100000
14428Esperance3-21-2015NRAT - The Pirate Fair001100
14299Glynmore4-23-2015Alice in Wndrland Fools War001010
14664Glynmore5-3-2015Kill a Knight @ OSB001000
14618Glynmore6-1-2015Las Vegas Archery Club001000
14691Glynmore7-25-2015Las Vegas Archery Club001000
14606Albion-Rayonne8-8-2015Love Binds All at Henderson Convention Center in Henderson, NV001000
14692Glynmore8-22-2015St. Augustine War @ OSB00X010
14839Glynmore11-14-2015Crown War & Tourney @ OSB001110
14923Glynmore12-1-2015December Tourney @ OSB001000
14924Glynmore1-16-2016Champion Tourney @ OSB001000
14991Glynmore1-31-2016Collegia Day000002
15034Glynmore2-21-2016Stupid Cupid @ OSB LV-NV001000
15204Glynmore3-12-2016March Monthly Tourney at Old Silver Bowl Park, Las Vegas-NV001000
15574Albion-Rayonne4-8-2016Pirate Fest000001
15218Glynmore4-23-2016Tourney & Fool's War @ Old SilverBowl Park, LV-NV001110
15273Glynmore5-14-2016Let the Games Begin on Mt. Potosi @ LV Archers Club-LV-NV001000
15581Albion-Rayonne5-19-2016Hyde Park MS - da Vinci Days000001
15410Glynmore6-11-2016make up archery 001100
15462Glynmore7-9-2016July Archery Make-Up on Mt Potosi001100
15465Glynmore8-13-2016War of Wellzenshire & August Tourney on Mt Potosi LV-NV000010
15490Glynmore9-10-2016Sept Tourney - Order of the Boar @ OSB Park - LV-NV001000
15663Adria10-7-2016NST Las Vegas Ren Faire 2016000001
15893Glynmore11-12-2016November Tourney & Crown War on Mt Potosi001110
15746Auroch's Fjord11-19-2016Great Riverland War0000X0
15895Glynmore12-10-2016Archery Tourney Make-Up @ Whitney Ranch - Henderson, NV001000
15904Glynmore1-14-2017January Archery Tourney @ Whitney Ranch - Henderson, NV001000
15873Glynmore2-12-2017Hearts Aflame Massacre @ Whitney Ranch - LV, NV001000
15907Albion-Rayonne3-18-2017March Joint Tourney w/Glynmore @ Ann Rd - North LV, NV001000
16023Auroch's Fjord4-21-2017Pirate Fest 2017000001
16039Glynmore4-30-2017Archery Booth Demo @ Highland Games Festival -Las Vegas, NV000002
16319Adria9-1-2017Imperial SW Crown War and Tournament 2017001010
16412Adria10-13-2017I/NST at Sunset Park, Las Vegas000001
16872Adria5-26-2018Southwest Banner War001010
17445Adria3-30-2019IEM and Campout001000
TOTAL   4143111414