Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:  Sir Jacques Dufay
ID:  9219
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
14492Murrisk9-28-2014Ridenour Lake Nitro, WVXX XX
14493Murrisk10-19-2014Ridenour Lake Nitro, WVXXX X
14494Murrisk11-30-2014Ridenour Lake Nitro, WVXXXX 
14090Cashel1-3-2015Peanut Clubhouse, Courtland, VAXX X 
14495Murrisk1-25-2015Community Life Center South Charleston, WVXX XX
14496Murrisk3-22-2015Ridenour Lake Nitro, WVXX XX
14250Adria3-28-2015IEM at Ken-CinnX   X
14497Murrisk4-4-2015Madison Civic Center, Madison WVXXXXX
14498Murrisk4-19-2015CLC South Charleston, WVX   X
14499Murrisk5-29-2015Mountain View Elementary Teays Valley, WVXXXXX
14500Murrisk5-31-2015Ridenour Lake Nitro, WVX   X
14501Murrisk6-7-2015CLC South Charleston, WVX   X
14502Murrisk6-27-2015CLC South Charleston, WVX   X
16173Murrisk7-26-2015MonthlyX   X
16176Murrisk10-25-2015MonthlyX X  
16177Murrisk11-29-2015monthlyX  XX
16178Murrisk12-19-2015monthly Dec YuleX  XX
16172Murrisk2-20-2016Feast of the ForgottenXX XX
16171Murrisk4-16-2016Relay for LifeXX XX
15658Adria9-3-2016ICW NE 2016X X X
16392Adria3-31-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16393Adria4-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16135Adria5-27-2017Imp Banner War 2017 East - North Carolina X   X
16394Adria5-31-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16395Adria6-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16211Adria7-15-2017July 2017 IEM Charlotte, NCX   X
16396Adria7-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16397Adria8-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16386Adria9-1-2017ICW NE 2017 XXX X
16669Murrisk9-28-2017Campbell Conference Center, WVSUX    
16398Adria9-30-2017Monthly Crown EPsX   X
16673Murrisk11-26-2017Ridenour Park, Nitro, WVXX   
16845Adria11-30-2017Monthly Crown pointsX   X
16698Murrisk12-28-2017Ridenour Park, Nitro, WVXX   
16846Adria12-31-2017Monthly Crown PointsX   X
16671Murrisk1-6-2018Campbell Conference Center, WVSUX    
16847Adria1-31-2018Monthly Crown pointsX   X
16672Murrisk2-24-2018Davis Fine Arts Center, WVSU, & Ridenour Park, Nitro,WVXX   
16848Adria2-28-2018monthly crown pointsX   X
16693Adria3-24-2018March IEM - Baltimore Maryland X   X
16699Murrisk3-31-2018Ridenour Park, Nitro, WVXX   
16849Adria3-31-2018monthly crown pointsX   X
16777Murrisk4-28-2018Ridenour Park, Nitro, WVXX   
16850Adria4-30-2018monthly crown pointsX   X
16876Murrisk5-12-2018Ridenour Park, Nitro WVXX   
16906Adria5-26-2018Banner War East South Carolina XX XX
16994Murrisk6-2-2018Morgan Kitchen Archery RangeXX   
16995Murrisk7-7-2018Morgan Kitchen Archery RangeXX   
17151Murrisk8-11-2018Monthly event St AlbansXX X 
17152Adria9-1-2018ICW NEXXX X
17410Murrisk9-14-2018Morgan' Kitchen St. AlbansXX   
17538Murrisk10-31-2018Morgan's KitchenX    
17536Murrisk11-30-2018Morgan's KitchenX    
17934Adria11-30-2018Monthly crown epsX   X
17540Murrisk12-16-2018Morgan's Kitchen St.Albans, WVXX   
17539Murrisk1-6-2019Morgan's KitchenXX   
17548Murrisk2-2-2019Morgan's KitchenXX   
17549Murrisk3-9-2019Morgan's KitchenXX   
17550Murrisk4-27-2019Morgan's KitchenXX X 
17547Murrisk5-18-2019Morgan's KitchenXX   
17523Adria5-25-2019Banner War NE 2019 Mills Run road Park. Covington KY 414045XXX X
17551Murrisk6-11-2019Morgan's KitchenX    
17711Adria8-31-2019ICW NE 2019XX  X
17807Lancaster11-2-2019ARF - Appalachian Renaissance Festival - Piney Flats, TN XXXXX
TOTAL   7034101540

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO