Ministry Details for Lord Lorcan Vigor Live

Ministry Details for Lord Lorcan Vigor


Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:  Lord Lorcan Vigor
ID:  9408
Expires:  4-1-2025
Chapter:  Auroch's Fjord
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
14692Glynmore8-22-2015St. Augustine War @ OSB1100
16057Glynmore12-31-2015Dec Monthly ministry1000
16058Glynmore1-1-2016Monthly Ministry1000
15942Glynmore2-29-20161st Quarter Ministry Service & Estate Holder Participation1000
16061Glynmore3-31-2016March Ministry Service in Las Vegas, NV1000
15218Glynmore4-23-2016Tourney & Fool's War @ Old SilverBowl Park, LV-NV1100
16063Glynmore4-30-2016April Ministry Service - Las Vegas, NVX000
16064Glynmore5-31-2016May Ministry Service & 3 Month DIs - Las Vegas, NV1000
16083Glynmore6-30-2016June Ministry Service in Las Vegas, NV1000
16084Glynmore7-31-2016July Ministry Service in Las Vegas, NV1000
15446Auroch's Fjord8-20-2016Auroch's Fjord/ Glynmore Collegium Day0040
16085Glynmore8-31-2016August Ministry Service & 3rd Quarter DIs in Las Vegas, NV1000
15489Glynmore9-10-2016KEM @ Mulligan's - LV-NV1000
15490Glynmore9-10-2016Sept Tourney - Order of the Boar @ OSB Park - LV-NVX000
16086Glynmore9-30-2016Sept Ministry Service in Las Vegas, NVX000
15663Adria10-7-2016NST Las Vegas Ren Faire 20161010
16087Glynmore10-31-2016Oct Ministry Service in Las Vegas, NV1000
16088Glynmore11-30-2016Nov Ministry Service & 4th Quarter DIs in Las Vegas, NV1000
15866Glynmore12-18-2016Glynmore Coronation & Feast @ HCC - Henderson, NV1000
16059Glynmore12-31-2016Monthly ministryX000
16060Glynmore1-31-2017monthly ministry1000
15873Glynmore2-12-2017Hearts Aflame Massacre @ Whitney Ranch - LV, NV1000
15919Glynmore2-28-2017qtly di and monthly ministryX000
15907Albion-Rayonne3-18-2017March Joint Tourney w/Glynmore @ Ann Rd - North LV, NV1000
16066Glynmore3-31-2017March Ministry Service Participation - Las Vegas, NVX000
16068Glynmore4-9-2017April Tourney @ Craig Ranch Park - Las Vegas, NV1000
16067Glynmore4-30-2017April Ministry Service Participation - Las Vegas, NVX000
16069Glynmore5-7-2017May Tourney @ Craig Ranch Park - Las Vegas, NV1000
16089Glynmore5-31-2017May Ministry Service & 2nd Quarter DIs in Las Vegas, NVX000
16221Glynmore6-25-2017June Tourney @ Whitney Ranch - Henderson, NVX000
16299Glynmore6-30-2017June Ministry & Estate Holder PointsX000
16224Glynmore7-1-2017KEM @ The Lodge - Las Vegas, NV1000
16300Glynmore7-31-2017July Ministry & Estate Holder Participation X000
16337Glynmore8-10-2017Lucky Arrow Archery Tourney @ Wellzenshire - LV NV1000
16314Glynmore8-31-2017August Ministry Participation & 3 Months of Service DIsX000
16319Adria9-1-2017Imperial SW Crown War and Tournament 20171100
16410Glynmore10-31-2017October Minister & Estate-Holder Participation1000
16429Auroch's Fjord11-4-2017Imperial Coranation1001
16966Glynmore11-11-2017November M/U & FeastX000
16959Glynmore1-31-2018monthly ministry and some qtly di1001
16960Glynmore2-28-2018mthly ministry and some qtly di1000
16961Glynmore3-31-2018mthly minister and some qtly di1000
16725Albion-Rayonne4-8-2018PIRATE Trny @ Fortress Brochmann1000
16962Glynmore4-30-2018mnthly mini and some qtly diX001
16955Glynmore5-12-2018Sunset Park1000
16872Adria5-26-2018Southwest Banner War1100
16899Albion-Rayonne5-31-2018A~R Min/Est Hldr May SrvcX000
16957Glynmore5-31-2018May Imperial ChallengeX000
16963Glynmore5-31-2018mnthly mini and some qtly diX000
16956Glynmore6-9-2018Sunset Park1000
16979Albion-Rayonne6-28-2018CEM - Fortress BrochmannX000
16980Albion-Rayonne6-30-2018Mid-Summer @ Sunset ParkX000
17055Albion-Rayonne7-31-2018A~R Min/Esthldr July Service1000
17063Albion-Rayonne8-11-2018CEM @ Fortress Brochmann1000
17137Albion-Rayonne8-11-2018Aug Combat M/U @ Sunset ParkX000
17129Albion-Rayonne8-31-2018Monthly Min/Est ParticipationX000
17138Albion-Rayonne9-22-2018A~R CEM, Sept2018 @ Sunset Park1000
17139Albion-Rayonne9-22-2018 Not-the-Crown-War War& TrnyX000
17239Adria10-12-2018IST @ Sunset Park1000
17176Albion-Rayonne10-19-2018Hoggard ES Fall Carnival Demo0010
17180Albion-Rayonne10-28-2018CEM @ Fortress Brochmann1000
17229Albion-Rayonne11-18-2018CEM @ Fortress Brochmann1000
17241Albion-Rayonne12-1-2018Dec CEM at Fortress Brochmann1000
17519Albion-Rayonne5-18-2019Monthly CEM for May @ Fortress Brochmann1000
17520Albion-Rayonne5-18-2019Monthly Capital Event @ Fortress BrochmannX000
17586Albion-Rayonne6-22-2019CEM @ Fortress Brochmann in Las Vegas1000
17594Albion-Rayonne7-6-2019CEM @ Fortress Brochmann1000
17595Albion-Rayonne7-6-2019Monthly Event @ Fortress BrochmannX000
17982Albion-Rayonne7-31-2019Monthly Min/Est ParticipationX000
17984Albion-Rayonne8-31-2019Monthly Min/Est Participation1000
17762Albion-Rayonne9-15-2019Sep Monthly Event @ Fortress Brochmann1000
17981Albion-Rayonne9-30-2019Albion-Rayoone Quarterly Minister/Estate Holder Report (DI/EP)X001
17993Albion-Rayonne10-31-2019Monthly Min/Est Participation1000
17869Albion-Rayonne12-15-2019Crown war/Tournament @ Sunset Park, LV1000
17946Auroch's Fjord2-9-2020Bullhead, Az1000
18015Auroch's Fjord3-14-2020Gaelic Games Bullhead City, AZ1000
18135Auroch's Fjord4-11-2021Zoom1000
18848Auroch's Fjord6-5-2021June Tourney1001
18340Adria10-15-20212021 IST @ AoC Renn Faire0020
18905Auroch's Fjord3-6-2022KEM Zoom1000
18846Auroch's Fjord5-7-2022May Tourney1001
19252Auroch's Fjord3-1-2023Minister Quarterly DI0001
19253Auroch's Fjord6-1-2023Minister Quarterly DI0001
19254Auroch's Fjord9-1-2023Minister Quarterly DI0001
19165Auroch's Fjord10-22-2023Zoom KEM1000
19255Auroch's Fjord12-1-2023Minister Quarterly DI0001
19232Auroch's Fjord12-17-2023Zoom KEM1000
19335Albion-Rayonne3-17-2024March Event Fortress Brochmann1010
TOTAL   574910

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