Event List for Rodman the Navigator Live

Event List for Rodman the Navigator


Date:  5-22-2024
Persona:   Rodman the Navigator
ID:  9423
Expires:  4-1-2026
Chapter:  Beauwood
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
15036Lancaster1-2-2016West Stanly Saddle ClubXX  X
15037Lancaster2-6-2016West Stanly Saddle ClubXX  X
15056Lancaster3-5-2016Casa HuizengaX    
15289Lancaster3-26-2016Columbia, SCX    
15436Adria5-28-2016Banner War East Elchenburg Castle NCX    
15332Lancaster6-18-2016William Davie Park, Charlotte, NC X    
15433Lancaster8-6-2016William R Davies park and The home of Russell Smith for Archery XX  X
15801Lancaster2-4-2017Statesville Comic Con - Statesville, NCXXXXX
16016Lancaster3-4-2017Tartan Day South, Cayce, SC XX   
15861Lancaster3-7-2017Walter Y Park, Fort Mill, SCX   X
16018Lancaster4-1-2017Tartan Day South, Cayce, SCXXXXX
16210Lancaster7-8-2017Statesville Comic ConXXXXX
17101Beauwood7-14-2018Statesville Comic ConX   X
17220Beauwood12-14-2018113 Wells Lane Harmony NCX    
17299Beauwood1-12-2019113 Wells Lane Harmony NCX    
17310Beauwood2-9-2019Statesville Civic Center 300 Center Street Statesville NCX   X
17412Beauwood3-17-2019113 Wells Lane Harmony NCX    
17493Beauwood5-18-2019113 Wells Lane Harmony NCX    
17602Beauwood7-20-2019monthly meetingX    
18012Beauwood3-7-2020311 wells lane Harmony NCX    
18092Beauwood5-24-2020monthly meetingX    
18649Beauwood2-11-2023Stateville Comic Con Statesville Civic Center 300 South Center Stret StatesviXXXXX
18913Beauwood5-23-2023Monthly meeting 113 Wells Lane Harmony NCX    
TOTAL   2384410

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO

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