Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:   Isobel
ID:  9502
Expires:  4-1-2025
Chapter:  Leicester
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
14608Adria9-5-2015ICW SE 2015 - Wickham ParkX   X
14621Antioch9-19-2015Wickham ParkX    
14673Antioch10-21-2015Wickham ParkX X  
14802Antioch12-19-2015Wickham ParkX    
15017Antioch1-16-2016Jan make up Wickham ParkX    
15015Antioch1-30-2016Brevard Renn Fair at Wickham ParkXX   
15016Antioch2-5-2016Brevard Renn FairXX   
15035Antioch2-20-2016Wickham ParkX    
15046Antioch2-20-2016Wickham ParkX   X
15089Antioch3-19-2016Wickham Pk monthly and Collegium and campingX   X
15090Antioch3-19-2016Wickham Park-court etiquetteX   X
15092Antioch3-19-2016Wickham Park-metal workX X  
15093Antioch3-19-2016Wickham Park- personaX   X
15187Antioch4-16-2016Wickham ParkX    
15275Antioch5-21-2016Wickham ParkX    
15330Antioch6-18-2016St Luke'sX    
15698Antioch11-19-2016Wickham ParkX    
15863Antioch12-17-2016Wickham ParkX    
15890Antioch1-21-2017Wickham Park - Brevard Ren Faire (January Tourney)X   X
15887Antioch1-28-2017Wickham Park - Brevard Ren FaireX   X
15891Antioch2-5-2017Wickham Park - Brevard Ren Faire (February Tourney)X   X
15882Antioch3-18-2017Wickham Park (March Tourney)X    
15965Antioch4-15-2017St Timothy Church (April Tourney)X   X
16135Adria5-27-2017Imp Banner War 2017 East - North Carolina XXX  
16254Antioch6-17-2017St. Timothy Lutheran ChurchX X  
16262Antioch7-15-2017Wickham Park (July Tourney)X    
16446Antioch11-18-2017St. Timothy Lutheran Church - Tourney and CoronationX    
16504Antioch12-16-2017Wickham Park (December Tourney)X   X
17133Antioch12-16-2017Derivi HouseholdX    
16709Antioch1-28-2018Brevard Renn FaireX X X
16717Antioch3-17-2018Wickham PartX    
17132Antioch9-15-2018Wickham ParkX    
17511Stirling12-23-2018Dec Crown X    
17512Stirling1-27-2019Jan Crown at TYX   X
17513Stirling4-28-2019Bastard Triple @ TY ParkX X X
17570Adria5-25-2019Banner War SE 2019 @ Wickham ParkX  XX
18557Stirling4-9-2022K3 Event @ Port St LucieX    
19129Adria9-2-2023IMP Exception - ICW SE TY Park and Ft Laud ArcheryX   X
TOTAL   4036115

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO