Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:   Cirena Fletcher
ID:  9848
Expires:  4-1-2025
Chapter:  Auroch's Fjord
Event IDChapterDateLocationBowmEPBowmTWHuntEPHuntTWWarDemo
15462Glynmore7-9-2016July Archery Make-Up on Mt Potosi100000
15465Glynmore8-13-2016War of Wellzenshire & August Tourney on Mt Potosi LV-NV100010
15663Adria10-7-2016NST Las Vegas Ren Faire 2016100000
15746Auroch's Fjord11-19-2016Great Riverland War000010
15895Glynmore12-10-2016Archery Tourney Make-Up @ Whitney Ranch - Henderson, NV110000
15847Auroch's Fjord12-18-2016Klaus vs Krampus War 2016000010
15904Glynmore1-14-2017January Archery Tourney @ Whitney Ranch - Henderson, NV100000
15873Glynmore2-12-2017Hearts Aflame Massacre @ Whitney Ranch - LV, NV110000
16023Auroch's Fjord4-21-2017Pirate Fest 2017000001
16220Glynmore4-22-2017Archery Tourney @ Whitney Ranch - Henderson, NV110000
16039Glynmore4-30-2017Archery Booth Demo @ Highland Games Festival -Las Vegas, NV000001
16221Glynmore6-25-2017June Tourney @ Whitney Ranch - Henderson, NV001000
16412Adria10-13-2017I/NST at Sunset Park, Las Vegas000003
16507Auroch's Fjord11-18-2017Klaus vs Krampus War/Tournament001010
16447Albion-Rayonne11-19-2017St. Martin's Feast (Cr.Trny & War)00X0X0
17529Auroch's Fjord4-14-2018Highland Games 2018000002
16814Auroch's Fjord4-21-2018Pirate Fest 2018000002
17125Adria9-1-2018SWCW, Featherly Park001010
17239Adria10-12-2018IST @ Sunset Park001002
17445Adria3-30-2019IEM and Campout001000
17485Auroch's Fjord4-6-2019Bullhead, Az001000
17630Auroch's Fjord6-15-2019Las Vegas Nv001000
17744Adria10-11-2019IST @ Age of Chivalry000003
17922Albion-Rayonne1-26-2020Champions Tourney @ Fortress Brochmann001000
18015Auroch's Fjord3-14-2020Gaelic Games Bullhead City, AZ001000
18386Albion-Rayonne7-11-2020Sunset Park/Fortress Brochmann001000
18340Adria10-15-20212021 IST @ AoC Renn Faire000003
18387Albion-Rayonne12-18-2021December Monthly Event @ Fortess Brochmann001100
19120Adria10-7-2022Imperial Exception - 2022 IST, Part One000001
18594Auroch's Fjord3-11-2023Gaelic Games VII, Sunset Park 2601 E Sunset Rd Las Vegas, NV 89120001000
18893Albion-Rayonne5-11-2023Hyde Park School Demo 2023000001
19223Adria10-6-2023IMPERIAL EXCEPTION: 2023 IST Part One000001
19224Adria10-7-2023IMPERIAL EXCPETION: 2023 IST Part 2000001
19225Adria10-8-2023IMPERIAL EXCEPTION: 2023 IST Part 3000001
TOTAL   73131622