Date:  4-24-2024
Persona:  Sir Angantyr Hjalmsmithr
ID:  9889
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Var Heim
Event IDChapterDateLocationAttendedArcheryRobeCombatMinistry
15677Connacht9-24-2016Feast of the Arts - St Johns Lutherin ChurchXX   
15671Var Heim11-19-2016King's Landing, SummerlandX XX 
15673Var Heim12-3-2016King's LandingX    
15966Var Heim4-15-2017King's LandingX X  
16040Connacht5-7-2017Vernon Polson Park, Unplug & Play DemoX X X
16227Connacht7-14-2017Gypsy Bazaar - The Mystery of the Forest Hobo - Tim's By The RiverX    
16271Var Heim8-12-2017Camelot Winery, KelownaX X  
16387Var Heim10-21-2017King's LandingX    
17260Var Heim11-17-2018SymposiumX X  
17565Var Heim6-23-2019King's LandingXX   
17648Var Heim8-17-2019Camelot Winery Demo (10th year) KelownaX   X
17801Var Heim11-16-2019king's landingX XXX
17847Var Heim12-7-2019King's LandingX    
TOTAL   132623

Imperially Reviewed EventX
Event being ProccessedO