Customs and Traditions

While the bylaws, manuals, and guides, gives us the rules by which we participate in Adria, they do not govern all aspects of our behavior. Every region has its own culture that has grown through the customs and traditions that have developed through the years. Some regions enjoy a feast after every event, some host a pot luck lunch, some do not. In some regions, humor in ceremonial courts is permissable, and in some, it is more formal.

Local Customs

Some traditions evolve over years, and some may be created from the beginning. They all add to the flavor and culture that will set your region apart from all others in Adria.

When the founders of your regin chose their name, did they do so because they were drawn to a certain culture and wanted to emulate those traditions? For instance, if Germany and the Landsknechts are an important part of the region's interests, then think about using Germanic titles of nobility for your royalty. Use your imagination, and couple it with research, to define your region's culture.

Other traditions could have come about because of necessity and environment. Some regions have a tradition of an annual winter carnival, which would be rather difficult to accomplish in, say, Florida or California. Some regions have a tradition of an after-event outdoor feast, which would be unheard of in wintertime Minnesota.

Visiting New Places

It's always a good idea to ask about the customs and traditions when you visit somewhere new. There is no one in Adria who would object to answering any questions you have.

Imperial Events

There are certain events that are considered Imperial, even though they are being held in a local region. These include the wars that are held over Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. These are national events, and follow national rules, customs and traditions, rather than local ones. When attending an Imperial event, enjoy the flavor and atmosphere of the cultures of the varied regions that attend. Don't try to impose local customs on the attendees. 

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