Finding What You Need to Know

There are a number of places to find answers to the many questions that you may have.

Imperial Web Site

Explore the Imperial web site. It has copies of all the manuals and guides that have been published. There is contact information and links for all the subdivisions and ministers in the Empire. There are FAQs (which are continually expanding), as well as past editions of the Adrian Herald (the national newsletter). All publications are provided in pdf format so that they are most easily read by all computers.


There are numerous e-lists for any subject matter pertaining to Adria that you can think of. Most subdivisions have an e-list for dsicussions and announcements about their region and events. There are general-discussion lists, as well as focus-topic lists.

Most e-lists require moderated approval of new members, and perhaps even a written note. This policy is solely to prevent automated spambots that troll the internet, subscribing to e-lists, and inundating them with advertisements.

Each e-list has a file and a photo section where documents and photographs are shared.


The Imperial Ministers try very hard to make themselves available for discussions and questions. The key thing to remember is that the only silly question is the one not asked. Don't hesitate to ask any questions.

The Hospitaler's Office is your door to the Empire. The hospitalers will answer your questions, guide you to ministers who can help you, and offer you advice at every step.


The Adrian Empire provides paths to knighthood in four disciplines (archery, arts and sciences, combat and ministry). The knight's oath includes the phrase "learn what you can, and teach what you know." The chivalry within Adria is dedicated to this principle, and most knights will not hesitate to answer questions, or provide guidance. 

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