Names are an important aspect of Adria that makes it easier to escape into the middle ages. By adopting a name different from your everyday, mundane name, you are describing yourself to the rest of Adria. The same thing is true for participants, estates, and regions. Each of these are very different entities, yet each will have a distinctive and unique name. Choosing a name can be more difficult than it first seems. Whatever name is chosen will be etched into everyone's memories and it's tough to change it later on.

Adria's Focus

The period of history that is encompassed by the game shall be defined as the years from 793 to and including 1625. The scope of the Adrian Empire shall include the Medieval and Renaissance cultures of Europe and those cultures that had a significant presence in Europe during our defined period of history. The scope of our arts and sciences include arts, crafts and sciences that had an identifiable presence and influence in Europe. (from the bylaws)

Choosing a Name

If you are looking for a place name, then look at a period map. It's a wonderful source of inspiration. The internet can also provide a number of sites that have researched and collected persona names. Think about the culture on which you want to focus your attention. Then choose a name appropriate for that culture. A person named Antoine de la Parisienne does not mesh with a person who dresses like an early-period Celt. Whether you are choosing a name for a person or a chapter it pays to put a bit of effort into it before you are forever saddled with something you really don't like.

Names to Stay Away From

It's best to avoid fantasy names like Xanadu, Camelot, Atlantis, and the like. It's also a good idea to not choose names that are unquestionably outside the scope of the Adrian Empire. Examples of these types of names would be Hisashi Mitsumoto, Zwaniland, or Clan of the Buffalo. Making a humorous choice may be amusing now, but could backfire later: Green Acres is not a good choice for a chapter. 

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