New Shires: Government

Adria, and her chapters, are not democracies. They are essentially modified monarchies, led by the Crowns. The estates have a great many decision-making powers, but they are not the leader of the chapter.

While it is important to talk to your members, and to weigh their input, the decision rests with the Crown. Permission to hold an event is granted by the Crown. Awarding participation points is authorized by the Crown. The final decisions almost always rest with the Crown. Again, the viceroy is the minister who acts for the Imperial Crown. Thus, the decisions rest with the viceroy, who should seek approval from the Imperial Crown.

Imperial Estates

To be represented in the Imperial Estates (which meets 3 times a year to discuss national issues), you must have estates. Since shires are usually very small, a special consideration has been made. A shire that has dropped below the minimum of five members (and not been dissolved or classified as inactive by the Imperial Crowns) has a voice, but no vote in the Imperial Estates. A shire with at least five members, but no formed estates, is represented by the viceroy in the Imperial Estates. A shire that has formed estates shall be represented by a maximum of two of those estates at the Imperial level. (All formed estates are represented at the local level.)

The Imperial Estates is made up of unlanded estates (personal votes granted for a number of reasons including retired Crowns and 3rd-level knights) and landed estates (households, baronies, counties, marches, duchies, kingdoms). The landed estates are separated into major (larger) and minor (smaller) estates. The Imperial estates consist of all major estates and the two most senior of the minor estates (per chapter). The minor estates include households (at least 5 members), baronies (at least 15 members), and counties (at least 35 members).

A shire has a maximum of 2 votes on the Imperial Estates. If they have enough members to form larger estates, they should already been elevated to duchy status, which has a whole different set of rights and privileges. Something to remember is that the viceroy has a vote on the Imperial Estates only if there are no estates formed.


It is not expected that all estates-holders and Crowns attend every Imperial Estates Meeting. Assigning someone to carry your votes (proxies) are perfectly acceptable. Written proxies are now required by Adrian law and must be sent/given to the Imperial Chancellor prior to the start of the meeting. E-mail well before the meeting is preferred as it both allows you time to receive an acknowledgement and re-send if necessary as well as allowing the Chancellor time to process the information. Communicate with your proxy-holder so they they know the background reasons for your votes. In this way, they can vote your will, in case items are reworded at the meeting. 

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