Religion in Adria

The Adrian Empire, Inc. is a non-religious organization. It is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to studying and teaching about the medieval and renaissance eras in and around Europe. During those periods of time, it is impossible to ignore the importance of religion in daily life, as well as in high ceremony. As a way to acknolwedge this, Adria has the Church of Adria. There is no religious dogma involved - this is simply (and only) a way to bring the pomp and circumstance of the medieval church into Adrian ceremonies.

The Church of Adria

More details about the Church of Adria may be found HERE. Please do keep in mind that the Church of Adria functions as a guild, not a church, and that it is window dressing only. There is no requirement that the Church of Adria be involved in any ceremonies or activities within Adria.

The Church also provides a way for those members who wish to study more in depth about religion during this period of history. 

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