Marshal's Kit

originally printed in May 2003

Each local Crown Marshal should have a marshals kit that is brought to every event. It contains all the necessary items required to measure weapons, qualify combatants, and do minor adjustments or repairs if necessary. Authorized marshals are encouraged to assemble a kit for personal use as well. This is the minimum list of recommended items and their uses:

Testing and Measuring Equipment

  • Fish scale or similar (good for weighing items under 10 lbs.). This will probably need a cord that loops over the fish scale hook, to suspend weapons and aid in their weighing.
  • 2" diameter washer with a 3/4. diameter hole (used to check the curvature of axe and mace flanges. It is also placed over the end of a sword tip to check the depth that the tip will penetrate a legal helm.
  • Six-inch (6") ruler
  • 10-foot (10') tape measure (minimum length)
  • One pound (1#) weight for flexibility testing of schlger blades
  • Metal thickness gauge (or samples of 14, 16 and 18 gauge steel)
  • Repair Equipment

    • Metal file for removing burrs from swords or rounding tips or edges
    • Red plastic or duct tape for schlger tips
    • Black electrical tape


    • Blank combatant qualification cards
    • Combat qualification tests
    • Marshalling authorization tests


    • Combat Manual
    • Marshal.s Manual
    • Missile Weapons Manual
    • Missile Weapons Construction Manual


    • Pen
    • Scissors or knife
    • Two (2) six-foot (6') marshalling staves
    • Sample of ten ounce (10 oz.) leather
    • Duct tape

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