Tracking Attend-Only Points

Originally published 8/2002 by Elisabeth Imperatrix
Re-write Published December 2009, HIM Shahara of Lion's Court and Dame Etaine Llywelyn

Tracking attendance for points is secondary to the mundane requirement we have for reporting. As a 501.c.3 non-profit organization, we are responsible to the Federal Government to track, record and maintain the participation of our members for a minimum of seven (7) years. This includes anyone else, who might declare a charitable cash, or non-cash deduction on their taxes related to their attendance at an Adrian event of any kind.

For those who file short form, you will not understand what this means. But, those who itemize their deductions, may choose to write off their un-reimbursed travel costs (cash) and, or their mileage (non-cash) pertaining to our official events if they are members or if they are non-members who helped out. One of the primary requirements to maintain the 501.c.3 status is tracking, recording and maintaining these records that the for IRS can use to verify those deductions if they audit an individual's (or business) tax return.

An Example Given by Elizabeth Pidgeon - She wrote off her previous year's Imperial Reign travel costs and phone calls.

Additionally, we have to track attendance for insurance purposes. If an individual files a claim, we have to be able to verify they were in fact in attendance. This is also why we do need to report and track all injuries and medical incidents with names. Names are not given out in public reporting.

Important Note: Now you see why "Event Participation" Sign-In sheets are so important. Why we must use the approved Sign In sheets and not other forms to substitute sign in sheets. This also makes altering or signing in for someone else a matter of fraud which is more than a game issue. 

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