Adria Members, The Archduchy of Esperance Live

Adria Members, The Archduchy of Esperance


NumberPersonaExpires OnCombat Tests
P-1083 Sir Griff Iron Fist4/1/2023shinai=C; rapier=C; armored=C; missile=M; 
1083-10497 Paul the Grappler4/1/2023shinai=C; rapier=M; armored=M; missile=M; 
P-7134 Arms Dame Eryn Grace O´Malley4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; 
L-6052 Jorrathnever 
P-9190 Kai Axel4/1/2024shinai=M; rapier=C; armored=M; 
L-1682 Arms Sir Ce´Wolfnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-6759 Sir Geoffrey Robertsonnevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-7372 Angelica M. of Esperancenever 
P-2035 Arms Sir James of Bloodstone4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=C; armored=M; 
2035-7584 Rhonda of Bloodstone4/1/2023 
P-11170 Bryan of Esperance4/1/2023 
L-7371 Svettanever 
L-2150 Arms Sir Sergei Boroslav BeneChecknevershinai=M; rapier=M; armored=M; missile=C; marshal=M; 
5729-7979 Sofonisha Anguissola Artemisia Gentilieschi4/1/2024 
L-2309 Arms His Imperial Highnes Jehan Alexandre Chrysostom Antoine Michel de St. Albain-Annecy von Hapsburgnever 
P-2696 Arms Sir Egan Skelly4/1/2023shinai=C; rapier=M; armored=M; 
P-11171 Shirley of Esperance4/1/2023 
P-11005 Matilda of Eglingham4/1/2024 
11057-11102 Shmeg4/1/2023 
L-3052 Opehlia Rubacuorfnever 
P-11240 Heather4/1/2024 
L-3332 Arms Her Imperial Highnes Katherine Marshal of Londonnever 
P-3341 Arms Sir Dennis of the Dell4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; armored=M; 
P-11057 Mew4/1/2023shinai=C; 
L-3441 Sir Gwydion Dionnenevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
L-3447 Baron/Sir Horatio Merriweathernevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; 
P-10534 Lunzie4/1/2023 
6079-6080 Dame Aurora Gewitterwolf4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; 
P-6079 Arms Sir Logan Gewitterwolf4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; 
6079-9601 landon Landon Gewitterwolf4/1/2023 
6079-9602 Tessa Gewitterwolf4/1/2023 
P-4864 Arms Sir Antonio D Lorenzo Hapsburg4/1/2023shinai=M; rapier=M; armored=M; 
L-3726 Arms Sir Robert "Jestar" de la Fonteynenevershinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
P-3951 Robert Kavanaugh4/1/2023shinai=M; 
11240-11241 Tony4/1/2024 
P-5729 Arms Sir Cagar cu Mara4/1/2024shinai=M; rapier=M; c&t=M; armored=M; missile=M; marshal=M; marshal qualified
5729-7373 Mathius4/1/2023 
P-10064 Adeline McManess4/1/2023shinai=C; rapier=C; c&t=C; armored=C; 

Paid Members38
Need to Renew0

Combat Tests Key:
Membership ID Number Key:
L-1234Lifetime member
A-1234Associate member
P-1234Standard / Primary member
1234-5678Member #5678 is a family member of membership #1234
Pass level:CombatMarshal
shinai=Cshinai=MShinai Test
rapier=Crapier=MRapier Test
c&t=Cc&t=MCut and Thrust Test
armored=Carmored=MArmored Test
missile=Cmissile=MMissile and Siege Test
marshal=MMarshal Test
marshal qualifiedQualified Marshal

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