Ministry Details for Dame Jocelyn Arwen Anne Marie de la Fouche Alyson Live

Ministry Details for Dame Jocelyn Arwen Anne Marie de la Fouche Alyson


Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:  Dame Jocelyn Arwen Anne Marie de la Fouche Alyson
ID:  2029
Expires:  4-1-2024
Chapter:  Auroch's Fjord
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
9049Aragon5-2-1998Henderson Dare Demo0010
5133Aragon8-15-1998St. Augustine War with ECS1100
5134Aragon8-18-1998** Aragon Demo at Sunrise Library0010
5135Aragon8-21-1998** Aragon Demo at Hyde Park0010
5136Aragon8-27-1998** Aragon - Crown Etiquette Demo0010
5926Adria9-6-1998Imperial War West @ Dos Picos Park - California1000
5777Aragon10-9-1998Age of Chivalry Faire @ Sunset Park0030
5776Aragon10-16-1998Aragon Celebration of Children0010
5172Aragon10-24-1998** Aragon Drug Free Week Demo0010
6590Aragon11-21-1998** Ettiquette Demo0010
2045Aragon1-16-1999*** Crown Champions Tournment @ SBSB1000
9060Aragon1-19-1999unknown Demo0010
9069Aragon3-25-1999Flamingo Library Demo0010
1469Adria9-4-1999IWW: Featherly Park, Yorba Linda, CA0100
2085Aragon10-16-1999UMC Celebration of Children0010
11159Aragon11-15-1999Ministry Points, Las Vegas1000
2100Aragon12-21-1999Cashman Field Angel Tree0010
2101Aragon12-22-1999Cashman Field Angel Tree0010
2102Aragon12-23-1999Cashman Field Angel Tree0010
2105Aragon1-15-2000** Monthly Ministry Participation1000
11177Aragon2-15-2000Mnisters Points1000
2106Aragon2-15-2000Ministry Points for FebruaryX000
2110Aragon3-9-2000*** Monthly Ministry / Participation - Flamingo Library1000
11178Aragon3-15-2000Minister PointsX000
2115Aragon3-25-2000*** Rainbow Library0010
2119Aragon4-8-2000Demo@Winchester Community Center0010
2120Aragon4-8-2000MS Walk a thon0010
2121Aragon4-15-2000Sunset Park EarthFest0001
2296Vingulf4-5-2002** Rebel Paluzza Field0010
2308Aragon5-11-2002 Chocolate War at Lorenzie Park1100
2327Vingulf6-21-2002Whitney Elem0011
3677Vingulf9-17-2005Duchy Coronation/monthly event- Old Sivler bowl park1000
3685Vingulf11-19-2005Desert Rose Crown Event - Old Silver Bowl Park1000
3669Vingulf3-25-2006Desert Rose Crown Event @ Old silver Bowl Park1000
3710Vingulf6-18-2006Father's Day / Birthday @ Silver Bowl Stadium Las Vegas, NV1000
3854Vingulf7-29-2006July Ducal Event - Las Vegas, NV1000
3879Vingulf7-31-2006Minister and Estate Holders Participation ReportX000
4943Vingulf8-20-2006August Ducal Crown Event - Las Vegas, NV1000
5336Vingulf8-31-2006Minister and Estate Holder Participation ReportX000
7902Albion2-15-2009Estates Meeting @ Sunrise Library1000
TOTAL   153212

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