Date:  6-24-2024
Persona:  Countess of Crows Aiden Ò Cuinn
ID:  9445
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationJourEPJourTWKniEPKniTWMWorkWarDemo
15682Adria9-3-2016ICW SW 2016 Canyon RV Park0000001
15866Glynmore12-18-2016Glynmore Coronation & Feast @ HCC - Henderson, NV0000001
16319Adria9-1-2017Imperial SW Crown War and Tournament 20171100010
17282Auroch's Fjord9-16-2018September Crown War1000000
17239Adria10-12-2018IST @ Sunset Park0000001
17352Auroch's Fjord12-8-2018Klaus vs Krampus War/ Tournament1100010
17468Auroch's Fjord1-19-2019Crown Tournament1100000
17471Auroch's Fjord3-9-2019Gaelic Games 1100000
17588Auroch's Fjord5-5-2019Bamboo Sunrise Foster Care Las Vegas, Nv0000001
17704Auroch's Fjord6-15-2019Lax Vegas, Nv Documentation 1010000001
17668Adria8-31-2019SWCW @ Canyon RV Park1100010
17757Auroch's Fjord9-21-2019Bullhead, Az Sept Summer Surv.1100000
17744Adria10-11-2019IST @ Age of Chivalry0000003
17803Auroch's Fjord11-16-2019Bullhead City, AZ November event1000000
17955Auroch's Fjord2-11-2020Las Vegas, NV Boy Scout Demo0000001
17963Cathair Na Caillte2-17-2020Homecoming @ MVCP0000001
18015Auroch's Fjord3-14-2020Gaelic Games Bullhead City, AZ0011100
19049Auroch's Fjord2-6-2021February 2021 Makeup, Bullhead City, AZ0010000
19064Auroch's Fjord3-6-2021March Make-up 2021 Bullhead City, AZ0010000
18776Terre Neuve2-19-2022Hearts and Honors 20220010000
18849Auroch's Fjord4-2-2022Fools War and Tourney Bullhead City, AZ0011010
18684Terre Neuve4-9-2022Arts Judging Collegium0000001
18846Auroch's Fjord5-7-2022May Tourney0011000
18851Auroch's Fjord6-11-2022June Tourney Kingman, AZ0011000
18602Terre Neuve8-20-2022August 2022 Crown War0011010
18895Auroch's Fjord9-17-2022Knot Making Collegium Bullhead City, AZ0000001
18805Auroch's Fjord12-3-2022KvK Bullhead City0010010
TOTAL   96951712