Date:  6-12-2024
Persona:  Countess of Crows Aiden Ò Cuinn
ID:  9445
Expires:  never
Chapter:  Member at Large
Event IDChapterDateLocationEPWarDemoDI
15113Adria3-19-2016IEM Las Vegas1001
15478Adria9-2-2016ICW SW 2016 @ Featherly Pk1100
15657Auroch's Fjord10-29-2016Clark County Parks Demo0010
15866Glynmore12-18-2016Glynmore Coronation & Feast @ HCC - Henderson, NV1000
16023Auroch's Fjord4-21-2017Pirate Fest 20170031
16335Glynmore5-6-2017May Archery Tourney @ Wellzenshire - LV NV1000
16336Glynmore7-1-2017July Archery String Shoot Tourney @ Wellzenshire - LV NV1000
16312Glynmore8-6-2017Crown War & Coronation on Mt Charleston - NV1100
16337Glynmore8-10-2017Lucky Arrow Archery Tourney @ Wellzenshire - LV NVX000
16412Adria10-13-2017I/NST at Sunset Park, Las Vegas1011
16429Auroch's Fjord11-4-2017Imperial Coranation1000
16447Albion-Rayonne11-19-2017St. Martin's Feast (Cr.Trny & War)X100
18037Adria12-31-2017Imperial Minister EP1000
16586Auroch's Fjord1-7-2018AF Crown Champion Tournament1000
18039Adria2-28-2018Imperial Minister ep1000
18040Adria3-31-2018Imperial Minister ep1000
18041Adria4-30-2018Imperial Minister ep1000
16872Adria5-26-2018Southwest Banner War1100
18042Adria5-31-2018Imperial ministry ep1000
16952Auroch's Fjord6-9-2018Arabian Nights1000
16954Auroch's Fjord6-9-2018June Estates MeetingX000
17028Adria7-28-2018July IEM~Las Vegas, NV1000
18044Adria7-30-2018Imperial Minister ep1000
17154Auroch's Fjord8-8-2018Aug Estates Meeting1000
17087Albion-Rayonne8-23-2018A~R Imperial ChallengeX000
17125Adria9-1-2018SWCW, Featherly Park1110
17153Adria9-8-2018Trial Las Vegas, NV @ UNLV1000
17239Adria10-12-2018IST @ Sunset Park1003
18052Adria10-31-2018Imperial minister ep1000
17238Adria11-3-2018Nov 2018 IEM - New Orleans1000
18053Adria11-30-2018Imperial minister ep1000
18055Adria12-31-2018Imperial Minister ep1000
18056Adria1-31-2019imperial minister ep1000
18057Adria2-28-2019Imperial Minister ep1000
17471Auroch's Fjord3-9-2019Gaelic Games 1001
17445Adria3-30-2019IEM and Campout1000
17485Auroch's Fjord4-6-2019Bullhead, Az1100
17543Auroch's Fjord5-4-2019Kingman, Az1001
17581Adria5-26-2019Imperial Challenge, SWX000
17751Auroch's Fjord7-6-2019Bullhead Az July 2019 Summer Survival 1000
18054Terre Neuve7-19-2019ComicCon 2019 Day 2-40020
17611Adria7-27-2019IEM, Las Vegas1000
17649Esperance8-10-2019Water War @ Canyon RV1100
17756Auroch's Fjord8-10-2019Bullhead, Az Aug Summer Surv.X000
18064Adria8-30-2019Imperial Minister epX000
17655Adria8-31-2019Imperial Challenge~Summer Session & FinalistsX000
17668Adria8-31-2019SWCW @ Canyon RV Park0010
17757Auroch's Fjord9-21-2019Bullhead, Az Sept Summer Surv.1000
17744Adria10-11-2019IST @ Age of Chivalry1032
17992Adria10-31-2019End of Reign Imp Mini DI 0004
17848Auroch's Fjord12-8-2019Bullhead, Az December Estates Meeting 1000
17850Auroch's Fjord12-8-2019Klaus v. Krampus 9 Bullhead, AZX101
18137Auroch's Fjord1-15-2020AF Ministry EP January 1000
17925Auroch's Fjord1-19-2020Wase Hale Bullhead, AzX000
18138Auroch's Fjord2-1-2020Feb Minister EP1000
17946Auroch's Fjord2-9-2020Bullhead, AzX000
17955Auroch's Fjord2-11-2020Las Vegas, NV Boy Scout Demo0010
17963Cathair Na Caillte2-17-2020Homecoming @ MVCPX030
18139Auroch's Fjord3-1-2020March Minister EP1000
18015Auroch's Fjord3-14-2020Gaelic Games Bullhead City, AZX001
18020Auroch's Fjord3-15-2020Bullhead, Az AF MARCH KEMX000
18140Auroch's Fjord4-1-2020AF April Minister EP1000
18972Terre Neuve4-18-2020Crown TournamentX000
18141Auroch's Fjord5-1-2020AF Mininster EP May 20201000
18971Terre Neuve5-16-2020Crown TournamentX000
18142Auroch's Fjord6-1-2020AF Minister EP 20201000
18143Auroch's Fjord7-1-2020AF Minister EP July 20201000
18145Auroch's Fjord8-1-2020AF Minister EPs August 20201000
18119Auroch's Fjord8-29-2020ZoomX000
18146Auroch's Fjord9-1-2020AF Minister EPs September 20201000
18147Auroch's Fjord10-1-2020AF Minister EPs October 20201000
18148Auroch's Fjord11-1-2020AF Minister EPs November 20201000
18149Auroch's Fjord12-1-2020AF Minister EPs December 20201000
19049Auroch's Fjord2-6-2021February 2021 Makeup, Bullhead City, AZ1000
19064Auroch's Fjord3-6-2021March Make-up 2021 Bullhead City, AZ1000
18848Auroch's Fjord6-5-2021June Tourney1000
18302Adria9-4-20212021 SW ICW and Tournament1100
18328Umbria10-2-2021Kingom of Umbira Crown War 20211100
18340Adria10-15-20212021 IST @ AoC Renn FaireX020
18466Auroch's Fjord1-16-2022Kingman, Az1000
18776Terre Neuve2-19-2022Hearts and Honors 20221000
18905Auroch's Fjord3-6-2022KEM Zoom1000
18906Auroch's Fjord3-27-2022EKEM ZoomX000
18849Auroch's Fjord4-2-2022Fools War and Tourney Bullhead City, AZ1100
18685Terre Neuve4-9-2022April Crown Tournament & War Combined War and Tournament at potrero CountyXX00
18851Auroch's Fjord6-11-2022June Tourney Kingman, AZ1000
18845Auroch's Fjord7-2-2022Summer Survivors1000
18611Terre Neuve7-23-2022San Diego Comic Con Day 40010
18612Terre Neuve7-24-2022San Diego Comic Con Day 50010
18844Auroch's Fjord8-6-2022Summer Survivors Bullhead City, Az1000
18888Auroch's Fjord8-6-2022Arts Docs Collegium0011
18602Terre Neuve8-20-2022August 2022 Crown War0100
18801Adria9-3-2022IMPERIAL EXCEPTION - 2022 SW ICW & Tournament1100
18895Auroch's Fjord9-17-2022Knot Making Collegium Bullhead City, AZ0001
18842Auroch's Fjord10-1-2022Bullhead City, AZ1000
19120Adria10-7-2022Imperial Exception - 2022 IST, Part One0010
18805Auroch's Fjord12-3-2022KvK Bullhead City1100
18501Cathair Na Caillte2-18-2023Homecoming @ MVCP1010
18980Adria3-25-2023Imp Exception March IEM via zoom1000
18887Auroch's Fjord6-28-2023KEM Zoom1000
18995Adria7-29-2023Imp Point Exception July IEM via zoom1000
19068Adria8-13-2023Sword & Board, Chilvery & you0010
19069Adria8-13-2023Combat Archery: Courtly Manner0010
19070Adria8-13-2023Marshalling: Fashion History0010
19071Adria8-13-2023Making Garb Work: Rapier Techniques0010
19072Adria8-13-2023STK Forms0010
19223Adria10-6-2023IMPERIAL EXCEPTION: 2023 IST Part One0010
19165Auroch's Fjord10-22-2023Zoom KEM1000
19222Adria11-11-2023IMPERIAL EXCEPTION: November IEM and Coronation1000
19335Albion-Rayonne3-17-2024March Event Fortress Brochmann1010
TOTAL   72143019