Award Recommendations

Annually, the Imperial Crown calls for award recommendations. This article is a quick recap of what the Imperial awards are, and how to make recommendations for them. Most Imperial awards have regional counterparts.

Send an email with your recommendations for awards and honors to AND to You must include the following information: mundane and game names of your honoree, their home subdivision, and a detailed explanation why you think they deserve the honour for which you are recommending them. Please remember that these awards are for Imperial service. Anyone may recommend anyone else for an award. Here are the awards you may recommend someone for.

Imperial Order of the Comet: For individuals who contribute outstandingly to the betterment of the Adrian Empire.

Imperial Order of the Nebula: For individuals who contribute significantly to the betterment of the Adrian Empire and its populace. (Note: The Comet is the higher-level award, so if your intended doesn't have the Nebula yet, recommend them for that.)

Imperial Orders of the Lion, Harp, Quill, and Talbot: To reward prowess in the fields of Combat, Arts, Ministry, and Archery, respectively, given to as many individuals as the Crown sees fit at the time. (Note: these awards are intended to honour people who are not knights. You may recommend a Knight for one of these honours, but it is very rare that a Knight will receive one.)

Royal Star: For individuals new to medieval recreation who through their enthusiasm and dedication contribute to the betterment of the chartered subdivision or the Empire and its populace.

Royal Order of the Crown Companions: For those who display high standards of chivalry, good fellowship, and by their period activities and demeanor contribute to the enjoyment and realism of events. Royal Order of the Queen.s Guard: For individuals who display extraordinary skill, chivalry, and style on the battlefield.

Order of the Golden Spoon: Given by the Empress to individuals or groups for excellence in culinary arts.

Crown Seal of Excellence: For guilds or other non-Estate groups for excellence in their field of work. Rising Star of Adria: For young Estates within the Empire for exceeding all expectations with recruitment, enthusiasm, or excellence.

You may also recommend people for the titles of Lord, Lady, Baron, and Baroness of the Empire. "; include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/_include/footer.php'); ?>