The College of Arms

There are two aspects to the College of Arms. One aspect is to educate and inspire courtesy, use of proper forms of address, heralding and court etiquette. The other is that of heraldic display within the Adrian Empire.

Heraldry draws upon the artistic creativity and pageantry of the empire. Flags, banners, personal devices and badges (collectively known as "arms") follow the ancient rules of heraldry to identify individuals and estates throughout the Empire. To ensure that no two individuals or estates are using the same emblazon, the College of Arms exists to register these designs, as a form of copyright.



These are the forms authorized by the ISoA for use within Adria.


The College of Arms keeps records of all published Lists of Registration (LoRR's) as well as any official or judicial rulings made which concern the heraldry and arms of the Empire.

Armorial Archive

Letters of Registration and Return



Judicial Records

Worthy of Adria

Frequently Asked Questions

Manuals and Guides

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