Device or Badge?

originally published in January 2004, written by Sir Nigel

My device says "I am HERE". My badge says, "This belongs to me".

Your device goes on your personal stuff that wouldn't be present unless YOU were present: chair, cup, trencher, banner, list-shield, armor. Your badge goes on your stuff, which may or may not require your presence: trunk, extra chairs, spare dishes, retainers, children.That's the basic difference.

You wear your subdivision's badge to show allegiance, especially at an inter-group event like War or Imperial Coronation. Any Adrian may bear the Adrian badge: Argent, a cross or. This is very useful as a way to mark signs going to Adrian events, or to mark an Adrian encampment at a non-Adrian event (such as an SCA war). It's also a way to show Imperial service or allegiance. "; include($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/_include/footer.php'); ?>