Basics Basics Basics

originally published in January 2004

The rules of heraldry are complex - even the heralds have trouble keeping it all straight. That said, between our College of Arms, and the manuals and guidelines available, it.s not that difficult to create arms. Here is a recap of the most basic of the rules:

Colors. You cannot put a color on top of a color, or a metal on top of a metal. The only colors you may use are gules (red), vert (green), azure (blue), purpure (purple), and sable (black). The only metals you may use are argent (silver), and or (gold).

Style. We are recreating a period in history. Your heraldry should reflect accurate styles and subjects of the period.

Real life. Forget it. Heraldry is not real life. Real life portraits and pictures are not used. Landscapes are not used. Emblems and logos are not used.

Simplicity. Keep it simple! Complexity is difficult to repeat. And you will want to repeat it everywhere on everything!

Conflict. Your heraldry is unique to you. It can.t be too close to the same as that of someone else. And no one else.s can be too close to the same as yours.

Registration. The biggest reason for registering your arms is protection. Once registered, it is safeguarded against conflict by anyone else in Adria.

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