Banners, Flags, Pennants

originally published in January 2004, reprinted from the heraldry e-list

Here is a wonderful link for help in creating a banner or standard:

Things to remember

  • Standards are restricted to 2nd and 3rd level Knights.
  • During the height of the Age of Chivalry, knights' flags had a pennoncelle attached to them. When this was cut off, the flag became a banner and the man became a Knight Banneret. This practice is occasionally used in Adria when a Knight Combattant is elevated to 2nd Level.
  • Remember that in Adria, you have to be armigerous to display your arms. You can be made armigerous by (a) being made a Lord or Lady, (b) getting Knighted, or (c) having the Right to Bear Arms granted to you by the King.
  • The only exception to the above is SHIELDS. Anyone who has registered arms with the College of Arms may bear a shield with their arms when they are fighting in the lists.
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