This portion of the chancellory deals with matters of justice: complaints, charges, trials, etc.

The charges and results of judicial proceedings are provided below. If there is a need to view the court transcripts, please contact one of the judicial ministers listed below. Otherwise, this recap should suffice. Note also that mediations are considred to be private proceedings, and transcripts of those are not available.

Judicial proceedings

These documents are archived and may only be accessed via a request by the chancellory of Adria.
  • Defendant: Dame Irene MilbrathMarch 2012
  • Sir Hanzel von Brandenburg March 2012
  • Defendant: Sir JasonFebruary 2012
  • Defendant: Sir Alaric Thorne August 2009
  • Defendant: Sir Alaric Thorne May 2009
  • Defendant: Dame Marion July 2009
  • Defendants: Josephine and Jericho December 2008
  • Defendant: Allora McDonnon August 2002
  • Defendant: Chienne, and Phillipe January 1997
  • Defendant: Duncan Wallace, Galadon Pendragon, James of March le Coirnoir, November 2000
  • Defendant: Galadon Pendragon, Duncan Wallace, James of March le Coirnoir, November 2000
  • Defendant: Gwyllum ap duDrane June 2002
  • Defendant: James of March le Coirnoir, Galadon Pendragon, Duncan Wallace, November 2000
  • Defendant: Jamie the Red May 2002
  • Defendant: Jochen Morgan June 2002
  • Defendant: Klaus March 2001
  • Defendant: Knighthawk July 1996
  • Defendant: Katherine McGuire April 2002
  • Defendant: Patrick Gullidge September 2002
  • Defendant: Phillipe, and Chienne, January 1997
  • Defendant: Richard deVere November 2002
  • Defendant: Rose Vassalle September 2001
  • Defendant: Terrence le Coirnoir April 1996
  • Defendant: Terrence le Coirnoir January 1997
  • Defendant: Thingold Erikson July 1996
  • Defendant: Trakx Greenwood September 2002
  • Defendant: Wot September 2002


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