Imperial Steward's Portal 

Imperial Steward's Portal


The Imperial Steward's office is responsible for the finances of Adria. This includes membership, insurance, income taxes, chattel goods of all the regions, and overseeing the financial records of all the regions.

Membership Forms

The most current membership form is available here. One person per form! If the form is confusing to you, look here for instructions on how to fill out the form.

Selecting A Chapter

A member may select their chapter annually when they pay their membership. Members can only form estates or be estates holders in the chapter to which they belong. Lifetime members can also change their chapter at the July 1st renewal date. If no choice is made, the member will be considered to be a subject of the chapter in which they reside (where a participant member physically lives). Chapter re-assignment is also allowed for a change of physical residence. If the member does not physically live within 200 miles of the requested chapter, they must apply directly to that chapter's Crown for approval.


All stewards are required to report financial activity every month. These reports are due no later than the 10th of this month for all activity the prior month. This report form is a required summary sheet.


Some event sites require a copy of our general insurance binder. You can get a copy contacting the Imperial Steward. If the site requires that they be listed as an additional insured, please contact the Imperial Steward.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • FAQ 13: What does “right to privacy” really mean?
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